Interactive work by artist Pearla Pigao completed at Vuosaari High School

Music and technology oriented Vuosaari High School in Helsinki has announced new public artwork that allows you to play music as you move.Artist Pearl PigaoThe interactive installation Discoterium straddles the airspace of the stairwell of the building.

Discotelium It consists of eight circular hand-woven textiles. Textile patterns are based on audio files that have been converted into a visual form of weaving instructions using the logic of graphic software. Together, weaving forms a visual translation of the first eight notes of the chromatic scale. Four of these textiles act as musical instruments.

Pearl La Pigao has a background in both music and textile art. She explores the relationship between sound and matter by creating a link between music composition and weaving. Pigao weaves conductive metal strands into textiles and combines these weaves with synthesizers and analog oscillators that produce sine waves. As the viewer approaches the work, there is an electric field between the viewer and the textile. This field changes depending on the proximity. In this way, the artist turns the weave into a sounding instrument whose frequency goes up and down depending on whether the player’s body movements are close to the work. The number of players also affects the resulting music.

According to the artist, the chaotic composition and circular shape of the installation was inspired by the planetary system. These balance the angle of the building and the straight line. On the other hand, the colors of the work work in harmony with the architecture.

Pea La Pigao (born 1984) is an artist, musician and craftsman who lives and works in Oslo. Pigao has won numerous acclaims and awards for his interactive installations. Pigao has held numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. One of his works by Pigao was previously exhibited in Finland in 2019 at the Helsinki Contemporary Joint Exhibition Future Delay.

In Discoterium’s sound engineering, Pigao collaborated with electronics developers Henrik Warram (Born in 1988).

Vuosaari High School was designed by Verstas Architects. The city of Helsinki adheres to the principle of proportion of art. In short, about 1% of Helsinki’s new construction and refurbishment costs go to the creation of new public art. In recent years, large-scale construction efforts have made it possible to outsource art to many public buildings in the Helsinki region, especially Karasatama, Quercus serrata, Lauttasari and Yacomaki. The HAM Helsinki Art Museum serves as an art expert for these projects, and the work has been added to the HAM-managed Helsinki City Art Collection.

Source: Helsinki City Ministry of Culture and Leisure Interactive work by artist Pearla Pigao completed at Vuosaari High School

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