Intercity bus investigates after “dirty bus” breaks down

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos ordered the evaluation of all buses operating on intercity routes after photos and videos of filthy intercity buses allegedly broken were published on social media.

In a comment to state radio CyBC, the ministry’s director of road transport, Yiannis Nicolaides, admitted to reporters:

Nikolaides said the buses the company uses are “relatively new.”

He insisted that the situation would improve New bid An investment planned by the Ministry of Transport.

Nikolaides has guaranteed that within the next six months, a modern fleet will be available to the general public on intercity lines.

The problem with buses that do not meet the criteria for intercity travel is that after a bus on the way to Limassol breaks down, passengers have to wait almost an hour by the side of the road for another bus to pick them up. After that, it surfaced.

The incident happened when passengers heard an explosion and smoke entering the cabin after the bus stopped at Arambra, a suburb of Nicosia.

Passengers had to wait 55 minutes for another bus to pick them up, and a famous Cypriot actor dispelled his frustration on social media.

To make matters worse, the photo showed dirty armrests and windows, chewing gum affixed to the window sill, part of the floor with duct tape, and the exit of a broken air conditioner.

After the incident, Carusos instructed the company’s bus to carry out a technical inspection.

It was discovered that some buses circulate without Required specificationsAlthough measures will be taken to withdraw.

The ministry issued a statement on Sunday apologizing to the affected passengers.

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