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International comedian tickles his funny bones in Riyadh

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s first global film operator, AMC Cinemas, lined up several top comedians to entertain audiences at its ongoing stand-up comedy night in the King Abdullah financial district last Thursday. , had a fun night of laughter and community building.

New alternative content platform Smile Entertainment’s “Live at AMC” event welcomed surprise performances from Canada’s Alison June Smith, UK’s Joe Jacobs and Pakistani-born British Lehman Akhtar.

“I’m really excited because this will give them a chance to see something different. Seeing international people coming to Saudi Arabia to perform in the Kingdom. It’s a great opportunity to have people come to Saudi Arabia and have a great experience and to promote the great experience they’ve had here for free,” Meesh,” Samman told Arab News before the show.


AMC’s stand-up comedy night returns next month

The event was another attempt by the General Entertainment Authority to offer a wide range of shows to the Saudi public. AMC’s stand-up comedy night continues next month, featuring acclaimed acts from the Kingdom and the wider region, as well as renowned international performers.

“It’s a work in progress. More shows are planned for AMC and we are currently receiving multiple requests from other venues in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar to produce a regular stand-up comedy show.

“We believe it is time to move forward and that the international comedians we have brought will leave a positive impression of the receptive Saudi audience and become ambassadors of the kingdom to spread the word. The shared joyful experience of laughing together is a way to bridge differences and cultures, and comedy is a great medium to achieve this.

Abeer Al Hootyco-founder of Smile Entertainment.

We also hope to work alongside the growing local stand-up comedy circuit to support this form of popular entertainment and encourage Saudi youth to consider all forms of live performing arts as a potential career path. “We are very pleased with the results,” said Peter Howarth-Rees. , founder and partner of Smile Entertainment.

“I think it’s great that Saudi Arabia is so open and allows outside comedians to come in and perform stand-up comedy in English,” Samman said. Remember, there is a great expat community and people who understand and like comedy in English.”

The host introduced Smith. Smith was the first female comedian to appear on her show Her Live Stand Up in Saudi Arabia. She threatened to attack a popular singer and find her love, and she issued a warning against someone named “Alison.”

Smith is honored to be the first to bring female-centered comedy to Saudi Arabia and hopes to inspire Saudi women with her work.

“I am very grateful to have been able to participate in this work and to become this person. I really hope that someone will see what I have done and realize that you can do it. It’s a profession, it’s a job,” she told Arab News.

“What was really amazing was being on that stage and seeing so many other sisters looking at me and just smiling and loving. I hope everyone appreciates that because the more support we get, the more we can do,” Smith said.

Smile Entertainment was one of the pioneers of live stand-up comedy in Saudi Arabia, creating an underground scene before entertainment was embraced by the country.


Smile Entertainment was one of the pioneers of live stand-up comedy in Saudi Arabia, creating an underground scene before entertainment was embraced by the country.

This was the second show we did in collaboration with GEA, the first being before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am back today doing my first show (after COVID-19) and seeing how smooth things have been (very) and how supportive the General Entertainment Authority has been, I have to tell you. No. I remember the days when we couldn’t even apply for a permit to do a show and had to do it underground.It’s like the difference between day and night,” said Smile Entertainment co-founder. Abeer Al-Fouti, an official, told Arab. news.

A big goal for AMC and Smile was to bring seasoned international talent to the Saudi stage and train local talent.

“We have a lot of undeveloped talent, so it’s important to mix, match, and create spaces for people to practice at any time. This is how they grow and get bigger,” Al-Fouti said. say.

“In a time of great division, I am happy to be part of the cultural solution that brings people together. Through laughter, we can forget all our problems and be happy and together. We can … that’s important to us,” added Al Houthi.

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