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The Bahamas, Nassau — The International Labor Organization (ILO), in collaboration with the National Tripartite Council (NTC), recently held an intensive implementation results-based management (RBM) and work planning exercise.

Results-based management applies to all stages of the ILO’s programming cycle, including program planning, implementation, reporting, and evaluation. The ILO is a United Nations agency and its mission is to promote social and economic justice through the setting of international labor standards.

Held at Margaritaville Beach Resort, this event is a follow-up to the Bahamas’ Second Generation Decent Work Country Program (DWCP), which began on December 6, 2021.

Registration for the International Labor Organization Decent Work Technical Workshop.

The ILO Decent Work Team was led by Director Dennis Zulu and Deputy Director Lars Johansen. Ingerlyn Caines-Francis, ILO Senior Program Officer, and all ILO technical experts also participated in the session, either directly or virtually.

Sharon Martin, Chair of the National Tripartite Council, saw highlights of five days of results-based management training and work planning exercises as a keynote speech from Minister of Labor and Immigration Keith Bell.

“He has a strong national mission from the Government to the Tripartites to promote engagement and cooperation with the Government, Private, and Private and Public Institutions in pursuing the implementation and oversight of DWCP. Provided, “she said.

“This was the first time the government had made a clear reference to what was enacted in the National Tripartite Act and showed its teeth.”

“I was taught by the ILO-DWT (Decent Work Technology Team), a national program from concept to implementation (impacts, outcomes, deliverables, budgets, outcomes, etc.) from all disciplines, age groups and different islands. Use the tool. “

At the end of the training, a formal ceremony was held to announce the members of the Decent Work Country Program Steering Committee.

Martin said he was very grateful for the successful event, but said that the hard-working teamwork of the ILO-DWT and NTC must contribute to the overall plan. She added that the support of the Minister of Labor and Immigration and his parliamentary colleagues, social partners, and public and private technical partners was “the wind that drove the project towards its goals.”

She states: “Yes, the Phase 1 goals of the Decent Work Country Program have been achieved!”

“We have completed a work plan for implementation. All three priorities have deliverables budgeted for the next budget cycle. We share the work plan with ILO-DWT. And we are ready to move on to the Cabinet presentation. “

Members of the ILO team paid a courtesy visit to a social partner in the Grand Bahamas during their visit to the Bahamas, along with staff from the National Tripartite Council. Meetings were held with Minister of the Grand Bahamas Ginger Moxy, the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce, and representatives of the Grand Bahama branch of the trade union. International Labor Organization Holds Special Training Exercise in Nassau – Witness News

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