Interview: Gavrani – Melbourne-born family band in Croatia

(Photo: Gabrani)

It was a five-year whirlwind for a band called Gavrani. Formed in Australia in 2017, the father-daughter trio moved to Croatia and signed with the country’s largest record label.

Mijat Gavlan And his two daughters, Jasmina When TamaraConsists of Gabrani opening a niche in the Croatian music scene.

In 2020, the Gavlan family decided to move from Australia to Croatia and settled in the capital Zagreb.

The band is well known in Melbourne’s Croatian community and has participated in many Croatian acts touring Australia, including Opća Opasnosti, Lana Jurčević, Jelena Rozga and Zaprešic Boys.

They arrived in Croatia with plans to enter the local music scene and signed with Croatia Records in 2020, so it didn’t take long for them to get noticed.

They have many hits including: Hey When Svirači, hvala vam It has become one of the top 20 in CMC Music Chat.

Mijat, Jasmina and Tamara were the latest guests All Things Croatia In the podcast, we’ll talk more about host Stanko Zovak and the band, about moving to Zagreb, and how they came to work with Croatia Records.

They also talk about the Croatian music channel CMC’s summer plans and their performances.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button below.

Interviews with Tamara, Jasmina and Mijat Gavran – Gavrani | Website: Instagram: GAVRANI (@gavranimusic)

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