Interview with Charles Leclerc: “I don’t believe in bad luck”

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc said he believes that the “bad luck” he experienced in Monaco, and more recently in Barcelona, ​​ahead of this weekend’s home grand prix, will hopefully improve sooner or later.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen came to the front for the first time this season following Sunday’s victory at the Spanish Grand Prix during a race where Leclerc was forced to retire due to mechanical problems. Despite his disappointment that he knocked out the perch he had occupied since his first race in Australia for the Monaco Grand Prix, Leclerc says he is positively focused.

“Of course, it was a fact that we lost first place in the championship and we wanted to participate in the home race as a championship leader,” the Monaco dialect began with an interview with the following carefully selected media: I did. Monaco life.. “At this point of the season, there are just a few details. There are still 16 races. The season is still long.”

“Before Barcelona, ​​it was true that we couldn’t perform as well as Red Bull in the race, especially when it comes to tire deterioration, so we asked a lot of questions. We degraded them a lot. I had a hard time keeping them behind us during the race, but in Barcelona I found many answers to our questions and it was much more positive, “he added. ..

Nevertheless, Leclerc revealed: “My approach on the weekends hasn’t changed. As I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year, I’m just giving 110% as usual. It’s true that it’s a very special Grand Prix for me because I’m at home. Don’t put too much effort on a weekend like this. “

Ferrari looks particularly strong on weekends. Not only do they bring upgrades and improve racing performance, but the performance of the prancing horses in the low to medium speed corners of Catalonia usually shows a car that works well in the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

But as Leclerc said, the season is still young and neither he nor his team rests in their glory. “The new upgrade is positive. It worked as expected. That’s great news because it’s not always the case in F1. What you see on your computer and what you see when it’s actually installed in your car. There can be a difference between and, “he said.

“The tires deteriorated much better in Barcelona. It may be premature to say that the rest of the race is okay, but there is clearly progress. Make sure it works well. We need a few more races before. Red Bull is a very good team, especially in terms of car development, so we need to keep pushing. Now we know that the improvements work well. We need to do more to take the next step, “added Leclerc.

Charles Leclerc of the Australian Grand Prix, Photo courtesy of: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Red Bull isn’t the only one Ferrari has to watch out for. Mercedes has made significant improvements for the Spanish Grand Prix and has justified the rewards on the course. George Russell took the podium with a strong drive, and Lewis Hamilton returned to fifth after being punctured on lap one and retreating to 19th.

Asked by Monaco life Whether or not the Mercedes driver expects to be a title challenger, he replied: We saw it in Barcelona. They’re still a bit late, but much closer than before, and teams like Mercedes can’t be excluded from the championship. Very simply, because they are a very strong team. “

But he concluded, “But given the level of performance we’re seeing at the moment, I think it’s between Red Bull and Ferrari.”

Currently, there are two championship horse races. Leclerc and Verstappen were able to get the most out of the machine, but not Carlos Sainz. Unlike Leclerc, his teammate Sainz had a hard time tame a single-seater, which is known to be difficult to control at the rear end. Sainz’s latest escape in the gravel trap in Barcelona proved that.

Nonetheless, Leclerc said he hopes his teammates will grab the car and start trying to win the race soon. Monaco Life, “Last year he proved himself to be a very good driver and very fast. Carlos is solid and consistent. He had a little trouble with the opening race this year, but I think it’s only a matter of time before he can run leisurely in the car and race together to win. -Two Ferraris, “said Leclerc.

Ferrari could finish one-on-two if Sainz were in second place or higher in Monaco last year. The Spaniards were the only Ferraris to run in the race after Leclerc’s Saturday accident and subsequent Sunday mechanical problems. It was just the latest episode of a series of unlucky runs for Leclerc around his home track.

But he said Monaco life He doesn’t believe in bad luck. “Sure, when I saw the last race at home, of course I was unlucky a few weeks ago, but I don’t think I was unlucky. But I believe there is a balance in life. I’m confident that all these unlucky years will be compensated for in the future. Hopefully it will start this year, “he said.

Charles Leclerc of Bahrain Grand Prix, Photo courtesy of: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

The latest acquaintance on the Monte Carlo barrier of Leclerc was created two weeks ago. During Niki Lauda’s iconic 1974 Ferrari exhibition lap, a mechanical failure caused him to spin in La Lascus, which subsequently damaged the rear wing. But the crash doesn’t seem to hurt his confidence.

“Unfortunately it was unavoidable, so there is no loss of self-confidence. It was a motor problem that happens in motorsport. Hopefully this year’s F1 is an important year and every point is important. It will work, and I hope it succeeds, “Leclerc said.

Atonement for years of wounds will be a daunting task for Leclerc, but he is still looking at the big picture. When asked if he would prioritize the World Championship title or the top step on the podium in Monaco, his answer was clear.

I’ve never been to the Monaco Grand Prix in Leclerc like this. For the first time in his career, the romantic ideal of winning a home turf plays the second fiddle in a bigger championship battle, but of course there is no reason why the two can’t coexist. “I will strive to win both the Monaco Grand Prix and the World Championships.”

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Photo courtesy of: Scuderia Ferrari Press Center

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