Investment in airports totals 12 billion pesos this year

The federal and private sectors will invest a total of P12.36 billion (US $ 603.6 million) this year to maintain and upgrade airport infrastructure.

Almost 80% of the resources come from airport operators and the rest come from the government.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (SICT), a total of 2.53 billion pesos (US $ 123.7 million) of public resources will be spent on airport projects.

A little less than 681 million pesos will be allocated for upgrades and maintenance at Mexico City International Airport (AICM). This is Mexico’s busiest airport, announced by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation in March. Reached the saturation point..

Airports operated by state-owned enterprises will spend 126 million pesos on their own funds for improvement.

Gustavo Body As Airport in Puerto Vallarta will acquire a new terminal paid by its operator, Pacific Airport Group.

The federal agency Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA) receives 927.7 million pesos to carry out various projects. This includes modernization of the airports of Puerto Escondido, Ciudad del Carmen, Puebla, Colima and Tepic, as well as fuel station projects at the airports of Cancun, Guanajuato and Los Cabos.

The government agency Seneam (Mexico Airspace Navigation Service) will acquire 800 million pesos to work on projects related to the restructuring of national airspace use.

Questions have been raised about the feasibility of three airports in central Mexico, AICM and the new airport. Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) and ToruCa International Airport – Especially as the number of flights increases in AIFA, they operate in close proximity to each other.

According to SICT estimates, the majority of 2022 airport investment will be dominated by ASUR, GAP, and OMA airport groups. They are expected to spend a total of around 9.83 billion pesos (US $ 479.7 million) on airport projects this year.

The Pacific Airport Group, one of the most important projects undertaken by GAP, is: Upgrade to Guadarahara AirportPhase 1 of the construction of a new terminal at Puerto Vallarta Airport and the expansion of taxiways at Los Cabos and Hermosillo Airports.

OMA – Central North Airport Group – will expand and remodel the terminal at Ciudad Juárez Airport to carry out runway projects and other upgrades at Monterrey, Torreon and Culiacan Airports.

ASUR – Southeast Airport Group – will implement a 2 billion peso project to expand Terminal 4 at Cancun Airport. Mexico’s second busiest airportAlso, increase the size of terminals at Merida, Tapachula and Cosmel airports.

In addition to allocations to AICM, ASA, and Seneam, the federal government will spend more than P1.6 billion this year on a rail project to connect AIFA to Central Mexico City. The project is months behind schedule and will extend the existing suburban Mexico City train line that currently runs between Buena Vista near the historic center and Cuautitlan, State of Mexico.

A new section of the track connects Reselia Station to AIFA. AIFA is located in Zumpango, Mexico, about 50 km north of central Mexico City. The supplemental section is scheduled to open in 2023 and takes only 45 minutes from Buena Vista. According to President Lopez Obrador..

In the report from A21 Investment in airports totals 12 billion pesos this year

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