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Iran Allows Arrest Of Swedish Citizen Suspected Of Espionage – Middle East Monitor

Iran has confirmed it has arrested a Swedish citizen on suspicion of spying, two months after it was first reported by foreign media.

According to the national Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)Iran’s Ministry of Information said in a statement that it “announced that a citizen of the Kingdom of Sweden has been arrested on suspicion of espionage”.

state-run furs news agency Further citing the ministry’s statement, “The suspects had been monitored by the Ministry of Information during several previous trips to Iran due to (their) suspicious behavior and contacts…[and] To visit cities that are completely outside the tourist area. ”

The suspect’s name and details have not been released, but he reportedly had a history of traveling to Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory “before he left for Iran.”

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by email to Reuters Sweden’s foreign ministry said it was aware of the situation, according to news outlets, with a spokeswoman saying it was “a known ongoing case that the foreign ministry has been working on for some time.”

The arrest of a Swedish citizen was the first announced It was announced by the press in May, but was not directly or openly acknowledged by the Iranian government or its press at the time.

The arrest and detention of Swedes is part of a pattern long used by the Iranian government to detain some foreigners for alleged security threats or espionage and use it as a diplomatic tool or revenge. It is intended to

At a time when relations between Tehran and Stockholm have deteriorated sharply, a Swedish court this month accused former Iranian official Hamid Nouri of war crimes of mass executions and torture of political prisoners in Stockholm. After serving a life sentence, he was sent to prison in Iran in the 1980s.

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https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220730-iran-acknowledges-arrest-of-swedish-citizen-suspected-of-espionage/ Iran Allows Arrest Of Swedish Citizen Suspected Of Espionage – Middle East Monitor

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