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Iran President Laigi Airport arrives in Qatar on his first official visit-Doha News

Iran’s visit follows a recent private visit of Qatar’s Foreign Minister to Tehran for a meeting between President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian. AFP..

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raiji Airport arrived in Qatar on his first official visit, with an extended invitation from the country’s Amir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Tani.

While dealing with a press conference on Saturday, Iran’s ambassador to Qatar, Hamid Reza Dehghani, has revealed that the number of memorandums of understanding will be signed bilaterally.

according to ReportPresident Rage deals with hold talks with Iranian and Qatar businessmen as well as expatriates residing in Iran and Qatar. On the second day of his journey, the President of Iran will deliver a speech at the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Summit on the 6th.

Shortly before his departure for Qatar, President Rage Airport said the visit had two purposes.The first purpose is to “expand cooperation with friends, brothers, and neighbors Qatar, and the second is to participate in the GECF.” report Said.

Visits are seen as an opportunity to strengthen diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries.Iran and Qatar It shares ownership of the field natural gas area in the North and South Pars, the world’s largest natural gas field, and already provides established media for the two countries to strengthen economic relations in the oil sector.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister in Tehran, Iran’s first visit to the President

His visit also provides an opportunity for Iran to strengthen ties through neighboring diplomacy with Persian Gulf countries.

“Iran is one of the founders of the GECF because we are one of the three most important gas-producing and exporting countries,” Rigi Airport said in a remarks section reported on state television before he left Tehran. Was Report OK.

The first visit to Iran for the President of Iran in Qatar in 11 years of arrival at Rigi Airport in Doha Mark and the third foreign visit since taking office in August 2021.

Three contracts and one proposal in progress

Has Ali Akbar Safaei, Managing Director of the Port and Navigation Organization concentration On a three-joint contract, led by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Rostam Qasemi, and the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications of Qatar Vehicles and the Navy. The contract between Iran and Qatar is set to be finalized in the presence of President Rigi Airport.

Iran’s Road and Ministry of Urban Development also has a fourth proposal on the agenda.

Regarding the contract, “one of them is one in the air transportation field, one in the navy field, one on Portfield, and the fourth is a proposal to build an undersea tunnel between Iran and Qatar. Participating in the Deyr port of Bushehr, Qatar, as a unique project, “Safaei points out.

It is “unique” that the tunnel for connecting Qatar to European countries, Safaei explained, not only in the Caspian coastal countries, but also in the eastern and western countries of Iran.

“This is a macro-scale project that will embrace both great developments for Iran and for Qatar and join the north of the Persian Gulf to the south,” he added.

Oil and gas field agreement

Iran’s Minister of Oil Javad Owji will hold a meeting with Energy Ministers of Algeria, Qatar, Venezuela and Nigeria in Doha on Sunday to “Invest in the oil and gas sector, technology transfer and gas swaps.” Report Said.

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Petroleum Mnister also evaluated many issues in a meeting with Mohammed Hamel, the current Secretary-General of the GECF.

Trade between Iran and Qatar

Alireza Peyman Park, Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), Said That is, the value of trade between Iran and Qatar can reach $ 1 billion next year.

He added that the numbers could increase exponentially next year, adding that “the current little figure of about $ 300 million $ 4 million” has trade between Iran and Qatar.

With reference to the GECF Summit, Peyman Park believes that the contract will be responsible for expanding industry, trade, transportation and tourism cooperation between the two countries.

Iran and GECF

Iran was among the founders of the GECF and was the secretary-general of the organization for two periods. Dr. Sayed Mohamed Hossein Adeli Assumption His two-year period was re-elected for 2014-2017, a term different from his role as GECF Secretary-General on January 1, 2014.

Iran, Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Equator Guinea, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad Tobago, Venezuela are 11 members of the GECF, while Angola, Malaysia, Norway, Iraq, Peru, Azerbaijan, and United Arab Emirates. , Observers are, according to GECF Report..

With current members of the Forum, the GECF plays an important role in the global energy market and in the International Energy Agency. “Together, the Union represents 71% of the world’s proven natural gas reserves, 43% of its sales production, 58% of LNG exports, 52% of the world’s source pipeline trade, It reported.

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