Iran summons British and Norwegian envoys following riots

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – British and Norwegian ambassadors to Iran have been summoned to the foreign ministry to protest the attitude and interference of the two European nations following the death of a young Iranian woman, Mercer Amini, in a fall. . She fell into a coma in a police center in Tehran.

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Iran’s foreign ministry on Sunday summoned the British ambassador to Tehran to reveal that the London-based Persian-language television channel protested the hostile attempt.

“In response to the hostile atmosphere created against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Persian-language media based in London, the British Ambassador (Simon Shircliffe) was summoned by the Foreign Office’s Director General for Western Europe.” the ministry announced. statement.

It added that a strongly-worded protest memo had been submitted to British diplomats over London hosting the media, which had recently sparked violent protests and attempted to incite riots against the Iranian government and people. There is

The statement further stressed that such a bid amounted to interference in Iran’s internal affairs and violated the country’s national sovereignty.

For his part, the British ambassador said he would immediately pass the matter on to officials in their respective countries.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Tehran, Sigvald Hauge, was also summoned to explain the “interventionist position” of Masud Gharahkhani, president of the Scandinavian country’s Storting (high parliament), on Iran’s internal affairs.

Iran’s interior minister has called on the country’s judiciary to take the lead in desecrating and destroying the sanctity of Islam and to deal with it swiftly, decisively and decisively, Press TV reported.

Ahmad Bahidi made the remarks on Sunday while visiting Iranian security personnel who were injured in stabbings and car crash attacks during recent protests. Iran summons British and Norwegian envoys following riots

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