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Iran urges crude oil exports as Vienna negotiations resume

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdrahian said Tehran wants negotiations focused on eliminating economic sanctions and the easy sale of Iran’s oil.

Iran claims that its nuclear program is peaceful, but its important nuclear steps are alert to regional rivals and world powers. (Florian Schroetter / AP)

Iran argued that the United States and its allies promised to allow Tehran to export its crude oil, as negotiations to restore the tattered nuclear deal were to be resumed in Vienna.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdrahian’s remarks on Monday show that Iran is pushing its position ahead of negotiations over the resurgence of the groundbreaking nuclear deal in 2015.

Amirabdrahian told Tehran reporters that Iran focused on achieving “the point at which Iran’s oil is easily sold without barriers and its money arrives at Iran’s bank accounts.” He said he wanted to negotiate a round.

As the parties to the 2015 atomic agreement were preparing to convene in Vienna, Amirabdrahian said Iran “wants to be able to enjoy a full economic concession under the nuclear agreement.”

“Guarantees and verification (to eliminate sanctions) are one of the topics we are focusing on,” he said.

Iran’s new administration, President Ebrahim Raisi, has repeatedly called for the abolition of all economic sanctions before Iran curbs nuclear progress.

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If negotiations fail, Iran will not enrich uranium “more than 60 percent”

Uranium enrichment

Iran has steadily abandoned the restrictions of all agreements since the withdrawal of the United States and is now concentrating uranium, a short technical step from the weapons-grade level, to 60 percent purity. This spins a more advanced centrifuge than ever before.

The country claims that its nuclear program is peaceful. But that important nuclear step has surprised regional rivals and world powers.

Diplomats have warned that Iran remains strict about holding the United States accountable for lifting sanctions and that there is not enough time to recover the deal.

The talks will be attended by all parties to the original nuclear agreement, including Iran, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China.

Iran refuses to speak directly with the American envoys involved through other signatories.

A groundbreaking agreement with Tehran’s world powers has provided relief for national sanctions in exchange for curbing nuclear program.

But in 2018, then-President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement and imposed drastic sanctions on Iran, including on the oil sector, which is the lifeline of Iran’s economy.

Iran’s crude oil exports plummeted, and international oil companies abandoned their deal with Tehran, weakening its economy.

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Source: AP

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