Iranian experts conduct review of Europe’s ‘final’ nuclear deal proposal


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MIA “Russia Segodnya”

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MIA “Russia Segodnya”

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Western-led accusations of Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) remain a major obstacle after recent unexpected developments in negotiations.

Iranian experts have reportedly begun reviewing the so-called “final document” proposed by the European Union to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, from which the United States unilaterally withdrew in 2018.

according to iranian noor newsin Tehran, “a high-level meeting on this point has not yet been [will be] Presented to the relevant decision-making level for the final summary. “

In June, the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency accused Iran of finding traces of uranium at three of its major nuclear facilities.

Dr. Mohammad Marandi, who served as an adviser to Iran’s negotiators in Vienna, told CNN that at least one issue remained. all. “

The IAEA passed a motion criticizing Tehran in June. This was after observers claimed to have found uranium particles at a facility they claimed was not listed as a nuclear enrichment site.

Withdrawal of the accusations, Marandi said, would be “a necessary step to implement the deal,” as future administrations could use it as an excuse to withdraw from the deal, as former President Donald Trump did in 2018. prerequisites”.

“Otherwise, the Iranians have no doubt that the Americans will take advantage of this or use it as a tool to undermine the agreement within weeks or months at most. .”

Marandi criticized the US for hindering progress on returning to the deal. recent situation Radio Sputnik’s Fault Line explains, “American government, what they are doing is misleading public opinion.”

“So they said two things, and they’re both wrong. That’s wrong.”

“The assurances Iran demands are for Biden and his presidency,” Marandi explained. “So the Americans are misleading the public to sabotage.” In fact, “Iranians are not asking Biden anything about a future administration,” he said. But “the Western media repeats it over and over again, despite the fact that it’s a lie,” he points out.

According to Marandi, the second falsehood perpetuated by the US side was: [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] from USA [Foreign Terrorist Organization] A list is a prerequisite. But it’s “wrong again,” he says.

In reality, “what the Iranians want is a guarantee that the United States will never betray Iran again.”

European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell arrives at a media conference after the EU Foreign Ministers' Meeting at the European Council Building in Brussels on Monday 10 May 2021. - Sputnik International, 1920, 08.08.2022

Borrell says new JCPOA text complete, parties need to make political decisions

“Because when Obama signed the deal in 2015, he immediately defrauded Iran. It was a clear violation of the nuclear deal, while Trump went and he threw out the deal, so while Iran was keeping all its promises, Obama, Trump and now the United States under Biden have violated their promises.”

“So,” Mirandi says. And the Iranians want sanctions lifted against entities that prevent the full implementation of the nuclear deal, the JCPOA. The United States cannot expect Iran to meet all of its obligations, but the United States has only partially met its obligations. They can’t even have their own cake to eat. “

“Iran is getting stronger, the United States is getting weaker, and the smart thing for the United States is to accept Iran’s reasonable demands, ease energy market conditions, and reduce tensions in the region.” Iranian experts conduct review of Europe’s ‘final’ nuclear deal proposal

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