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Iran’s policy “destabilization” and Hezbollah “hegemony” must end

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Riyadh is concerned about Iran’s lack of cooperation with the world powers engaged in negotiations in Vienna over Tehran’s nuclear program, King Salman said.


The Saudi king said Riyadh was concerned about the lack of cooperation with the international community on Iran’s nuclear ballistic missile program, but called for the end of Hezbollah’s “hegemony” on Lebanon’s national structure.

Saudi King Salmanbin Abdulaziz said in a speech to the Kingdom’s Advisory Shura Council on Wednesday that Iran wants to change “negative” behavior in the region and choose dialogue and cooperation.

“We are concerned and follow the Iranian government’s policies that destabilize the security and stability of the region, including the construction and support of sectarian armed militias and the spread of military force in other countries,” he said. The 85-year-old ruler said in a speech released by the state news agency SPA.

“(With concern) lack of cooperation with the international community on nuclear program and ballistic missile development,” he added.

Rival of Riad with Tehran

Saudi Arabia, a major western ally of the Gulf, is trapped in fierce competition with Iran throughout the Middle East, supporting conflicting factions in several conflicts, including Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries expelled Lebanon’s envoy in October with diplomatic spats added to the Lebanese economic crisis.

Saudi officials said the Beirut crisis stemmed from Lebanon’s political system, which strengthened control of Hezbollah’s armed groups.

“The Kingdom also supports the Lebanese brothers and urges all Lebanese leaders to prioritize the interests of their people … and stops Hezbollah’s terrorist dominance over the structure of the state.” King Salman said.

As a step towards relieving tensions, Saudi and Iranian officials met in a series of face-to-face talks earlier this year, but they have not yet created a breakthrough.

Source: Reuters

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