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Iran’s Zahra Amir Ebrahim wins the best actress in Cannes

Cannes — Iran’s Zahra Amir Ebrahim, who won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival, lived in exile after a smear campaign about her love life.

41-year-old Ebra Himi won the Holy Spider, who plays a journalist trying to solve a serial murder of a prostitute in Mashad, Iran’s sanctuary.

“I’ve come a long way to stand on this stage tonight. It wasn’t an easy story. It was a humiliation, but there was a movie,” she told the audience in her acceptance speech on Saturday. Did.

Directed by Danish and Iranian Ali Abbasi, Holy Spider was inspired by the true story of a working-class man who killed a prostitute in the early 2000s and became known as the “Spider Killer.”

This film is not allowed to be filmed in Iran and was made in Jordan instead.

Ebra Himi became an Iranian star in her early twenties by playing a supporting role in one of the longest-running soap opera, Nages.

Ebra Himi’s character in Holy Spider is also a victim of lewd rumors and male predation. The film suggests that there was little official pressure to catch the murderer who would become a hero in the right wing.

“This movie is about women, it’s about women, it’s full of faces, hair, hands, feet, chest, gender, everything that Iran can’t show,” Ebra Himi told the audience. ..

Holy Spider wrote some powerful reviews in Cannes, and the Hollywood Reporter said it was “an equivalent part of squeezing and disturbing, not always because of the squeak.” -agency

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