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Iraq seeks Qatar’s gas supply in the face of power shortages-Doha News

Despite being an oil-rich country, Iraq is struggling to meet its energy needs.

Iraq is seeking gas supplies from Qatar, a major energy producer, to address decades of electricity shortages.

by Iraq News Agency (INA) The crisis was discussed during a meeting in Doha with the Minister of Energy of Qatar. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, and Deputy Minister of Electricity of Iraq, Adel Karim.

“During the visit, all the logistics issues needed to supply gas from the port of Qatar to the port of Iraq were discussed,” read a statement from the Ministry of Power in Baghdad.

The meeting will come after the report from last year Iraq’s plans to import gas from Qatar, Turkey, Algeria and Azerbaijan Over 40 million Man.

Qatar attends Iraqi summit to encourage “recovery of stolen funds”

Iraqis have been facing power outages for over 30 years, even though Iraq is at the top. 10 oil-rich countries in the world.that too OPEC’s second largest It is the second largest producer after Saudi Arabia, and oil sales account for 90% of its revenue.

Power outage General outbreak Especially during the scorching summer heat of Baghdad, where energy supply is inadequate.

Iraq’s energy crisis has been the result of decades of instability and corruption, and until now the country has been unable to cope with this situation. The 2003 US invasion also paralyzed the country as it continued to recover from the war.

There have been several major protests across the country over the lack of basic services and corruption. In 2021, former power minister Majid Mahdi Hantoush resigned due to protests.

The lack of power supply has hit Iraq’s Ministry of Health at the time of the Covid-19 outbreak. Hospitals are full of patients in need of urgent medical care.

Depending on its neighbor

Baghdad relies heavily on Iran for gas and electricity imports due to the lack of essential equipment to process gas into fuel. It also faces pressure from the United States to reduce its dependence on Iran.

Last year, Iran decided to stop supplying electricity to Iraq because it was unable to repay the Islamic Republic due to energy imports. According to the Associated PressIraq owes Iran $ 4 billion in debt.

Iraq will have to avoid strict US sanctions on Iran to pay for energy supplies rather than paying directly to the Islamic Republic. These sanctions were re-imposed when the United States unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal under the former Donald Trump administration in 2018.

The US State Department granted Iraq an exemption from sanctions last December. 120 daysAllows you to import electricity from Iran to meet your energy needs.

Iraq has also diversified its electricity imports and has agreements with major energy companies around the world.

Last September, Baghdad $ 37 billion Agreement with a French oil and gas company, Total. The deal included the construction of solar energy panels and the development of oil fields in Basra.

Basra’s Altawi oil field agreement hopes to accelerate its production from 85,000 barrels per day to 210,000 barrels.

Saudi Arabia and Iraq We also signed a memorandum of understanding to connect the power grid.

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