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Iraq’s US Union Targeted by Drone Strike as “Revenge of Solei Mani”

The base’s defense system used “two fixed-wing suicide drones” that were “successfully” shot down, a US-led international military coalition official said.

The footage of the destroyed drone showed a clearly visible writing on the drone’s wings reading “Revenge of Solei Mani.” (AFP)

Two armed drones were shot down when approaching an Iraqi military base containing US troops near Baghdad’s international airport.

Iraqi security sources said on Monday that the attack did not injure anyone as Iran and its allies celebrated their second anniversary of the assassination of Iran’s top general. Garsem Solei Mani..

Commenting on the attack, US-led international military coalition officials said the base’s defense system “used two fixed-wing suicide drones. They were successfully shot down.”

“This was a dangerous attack on a private airport,” a coalition official said in a short statement.

Images provided by coalition officials show fragments of two fixed-wing drones destroyed in the attack, with the words “Soleimani’s Revenge” clearly visible on the wings of one drone.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

Armed groups, which some Iraqi officials say are backed by Iran, have blamed similar cases in the past.

“The Iraqis have begun an investigation,” said a coalition source.

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Missile and drone attacks

Two years ago, a night strike ordered by then-US President Donald Trump collided with a car that Solei Mani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were driving on the edge of the airport.

Hashd al Shaabi — a coalition of former paramilitary organizations now integrated into Iraq’s national security agency — held a candlelight vigil at the airport on Sunday for the two men killed.

The United States said at the time that Solei Mani was planning imminent action against US personnel in Iraq, which had long been torn between major allies Washington and Tehran’s competing demands.

Five days after his killing, Iran launched missiles at an Iraqi air force base that houses US troops and another base near Erbil in the northern part of the country.

Since then, dozens of rockets and roadside bombs have targeted US security, military, and diplomatic sites across Iraq.

The US-led coalition on December 9 declared that it would end its combat mission in Iraq and that about 2,500 troops would move to pure training and mentoring roles.

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