IRGC chief: US ability to intervene abroad is ‘declining’ as US becomes more isolated



The head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has repeatedly decried the decline in US fortunes with broad and scathing remarks labeling recent US foreign policy in the Middle East a failure.

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) chief Hossein Salami mocked US President Joe Biden and called out the US’s “diminishing” ability to carry out acts of imperialism during a panel with other senior officials on Sunday. He made a broad speech in the discussion. Ranking of IRGC officers.

Efforts to establish a pro-U.S. government have fallen “like dominoes”, Salami said, as “the American political territories… are witnessing failure”. Cases like Afghanistan, Syria and Egypt said a senior official said: [total] It’s a defeat for the United States,” Press TV reported.

Biden’s recent visits to Israel and Jeddah have also not escaped criticism of salami. Before offering a brief lesson in geopolitical history, Salami said, “Biden has traveled to the region to say that the Middle East and the Islamic world remain his foreign policy priorities, but he came empty-handed.” I’m back in America,” he said in clear agreement.

“when [Islamic] The Revolution has won, and America has a terrifyingly bizarre political control over more than half of the world, a significant economic and strategic part of the world as well, control of the world’s economic resources, and a ruled over everything. Oil-rich countries were part of its political geography. But now, he says, the United States is isolated to a level never seen before.

“Saudi Arabia, which used to help America with money, today has lost the ability to solve its own economic problems,” Salami said, adding that in the Middle East “the United States has become so weak that it is virtually invisible.” He said.

Since Iran overthrew the US-appointed king in 1979, Salami explained: [Iranian] the revolution was to Destroy the mightiest empire in human history.During that time, the United States’ share of “world economic power” plummeted from 40% to 20%, but it still owns “half the world’s military power” to this day.
The IRGC commander was not the only one in Tehran to vehemently criticize US actions in the region. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi reportedly expressed similar anger in an “hour-long” chat in which Fars told the Chinese president Saturday the news. Xi Jinping said that US “unilateralism” is now “A threat to world peace and security. IRGC chief: US ability to intervene abroad is ‘declining’ as US becomes more isolated

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