Irish pensioners earned € 3.1 million after being attacked by a drunk driver in Malta in 2019

Irish pensioners, who were devastated and left in a wheelchair after being beaten by a drunk driver during a vacation in Malta, were reported in Irish media reports. Settled a court case for 3.1 million euros.

Irish examiner reported On Tuesday, David Cooley, who was attacked by a car that said his lawyer was being driven by someone five times the drinking limit when he was arrested in Sliema on April 5, 2019, was insured in Malta about the case. How to reconcile with the company.

Coolie, now 70, has suffered traumatic brain injury and chest, hip, leg and arm injuries and has fallen into a coma.

On April 30, the same year, he was transferred to Ireland by ambulance and regained cognitive function, but was detained in a wheelchair and forced to live in a nursing home.

He is considered severely disabled as a result of the accident and requires 24 hours of care for the rest of his life.

The proceedings were filed against local insurance company Mapfre Middlesea PLC and settled on Tuesday for € 3.1 million.

Speaking outside the Irish courthouse, Cooley’s lawyer criticized how the case was handled by Maltese authorities.

His lawyer, Daniel Wall, said he was not charged even if the driver who attacked Coolie exceeded the statutory alcohol limit five times.

“David departed Malta by ambulance in April 2019. Since then, there has been no contact from the Maltese police or the Maltese Department of Justice,” Wall said.

Reconciliation means that you can leave the Elderly Housing with Care where Coolie lived and live in a home that has been dedicated or deliberately modified to suit your needs.

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