Is food more expensive in Hungary than in Scotland?

Food prices are high in Hungary despite the price cap. The devaluation of the forint and the poor performance of Hungarian food industry companies may have contributed to the extreme inflation. But this does not explain why Hungary is in the worst possible situation. Is it even cheaper in Scotland than in Hungary?

Hungary has one of the highest food inflation rates among EU member states.

All EU member states suffer from inflation, but the situation is one of the worst in Hungary.according to telex, Hungary shares the highest rate of food inflation, as do countries with less economic development or armed conflict. These are, for example, Syria, Ghana, Moldova, Suriname or Iran. Among European Union member states, Hungary already recorded the highest food inflation in her September. By October she had risen to 40% on an annual basis.

Is food more expensive in Hungary than in Scotland? I compared the prices of some food items in Scotland and Hungary. For example, potatoes (family package, 7.5 kg) cost £2.99, or HUF 155 (0.38 Euro) per kilo. On the other hand, in Hungary, a package of 2.5 kg of potatoes costs 699 forints, so 279 forints (0.69 Euro) per kilo. A kiwi costs 25 peningas, or HUF 99 (0.24 euros) HUF 149 (0.37 Euro) in Hungary.

Basic groceries such as milk and flour are also cheap in Scotland.

In addition, milk (3.4 liters) costs 80 peningas, or HUF 316 (0.78 Euro), approx. HUF 90 (0.22 Euro) per liter. In Hungary, 199 forints per liter (0.49 Euro). As for chicken legs, 1 kilo in Scotland is 1.29 pounds, or HUF 510 (1.26 euros), in Hungary HUF 769 (1.90 euros). Flour is also cheaper in Scotland. A kilo of flour costs 45 pennies, or HUF 178 (0.44 Euro), in Hungary HUF 269 (0.66 Euro).

However, Hungary still has some cheap products. For example, a small package of Persil liquid detergent costs him £3.99 in Scotland, so HUF 1576 (3.89 euros). For this product, people living in Hungary pay 1399 forints (3.31 euros).

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