Is Moldova involved in the war? –

President Maia Sandu of Moldova

“The Moldovan government is doing nothing to trigger a possible attack by Russia.” This was explained in an interview by Alexander Rambov of the Bulgarian National Radio’s “Bulgarian Spirit” Foundation. Moldova:

“The situation seems to be stable, at least for some time, as there are no direct ties or borders with Russia and the Russian army is far away so far. UkraineResistance is currently strong and it is unclear if there is a positive intention to Moldova, Is there a battle opportunity that will be realized? All parades on May 9th Moldova was canceled. There are events, but no spectators. “

“I Moldova In the field of diplomacy it is possible to discuss at the political level, but what we are seeing now is that the armed forces concentrated there are causing great concern, so the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is there in Bulgaria. I called on people to return home.Dimitar Gardev, chairman of the 46th Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee, told BNR:

“We can see that there are troops in this area. This is very worrisome because there are many Bulgarian people in these areas. This is the second front that opens the door to Odessa. That’s why Putin is activating these behaviors there. Odessa Ukraine And for that purpose Ukraine In some way. “

“I believe Bulgaria Have the opportunity to support Ukraine Armed supplies that we produce-ammunition, shots, but at the same time we must be aware of it Bulgaria As we are actually in that very zone of conflict, we need to have minimal resources for heavy weapons such as aircraft as an anti-aircraft system. It should not be donated in any way in connection with this dispute. Heavy equipment was requested to be repaired. There are these opportunities in the field. “ Gardev has been added.

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/ BNR Is Moldova involved in the war? –

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