Is the deadly “Ghost of Kyiv” fighter pilot a Ukrainian hero or a myth?The mystery was finally revealed

As War between Russia and Ukraine In May, the third month, the troops of both countries are fighting teeth and nails for their respective countries. A man from the Ukrainian Air Force stands out in the crowd.

According to some social media reports, Ukrainian heroic and deadly fighter pilots are called “ghosts of Kyiv” and have launched an unparalleled attack on Russian troops, fighting as many as 40 Russians during the war. I shot down the plane.

Shortly after Kyiv’s ghost coverage appeared on social media, media outlets reported that he had been attacked and killed by a Russian missile, praising his brave sacrifice for his country and calling him a “real superhero.” I called it a hero.

Several media outlets have also identified the “Ghost of Kyiv” as 29-year-old Major Stepan Tarabarka, who shot down 40 Russian fighters. Ukrainian officials further stated that Tarabarka was killed in action on March 13 and was awarded the Hero of Ukraine medal after his death.

Claims and speculations about the Ghost of Kyiv, including some stories on social media, raised just one simple question-is the mysterious and heroic fighter pilot real or the Ukrainian people? Is it a myth created by?

Uncovering the myth behind the reports of real-life superheroes, Ukrainian Air Force Command decided to issue an official statement about the Ghost of Kyiv, eventually revealing that he was just a myth. ..

Taking up social media, Ukrainian Air Force Command said: “

“Ukrainian hero Stepan Tarabarka was not a’ghost of Kyiv’and did not attack 40 aircraft,” Air Force Command said.

In addition, the Ukrainian Army said: “Ghost of Kyiv is a legend of a superhero whose character was created by the Ukrainians. This is a faster collected image of a pilot of the 40th Air Force Tactical Air Brigade defending the sky of the capital. Suddenly unexpectedly. What appears! ”

The news of the Ghost of Kyiv was finally unveiled, but the Ukrainian Air Force gave the people of the country a wave of hope during the current war with Russia, saying, “The Ghost of Kyiv is still alive.” rice field.

“The Ghost of Kyiv is alive, which embodies the collective spirit of the talented pilots of the Tactical Air Brigade, which successfully defends Kieu and the region,” the Air Force said.

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