Isipatana finds winning rhythm to take ‘league’ rugby crown

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This season of school rugby brought joy, anticipation and tears to the team, with Isipatana College defeating Royal College in the deciding match on Sunday 14th August to conclude the League Rugby Tournament.

Isipatana College showed all the qualities of modern rugby seasoned with speed, power and savage size, much unlike teams of the past. Skipper and number 8 Dahan Nitina showed that rugby is a game for the big boys and rallied the team during the season to finish top after seven grueling weeks of rugby. The greenshirts also had their petite players, but this Isipatana side never asked for size compared to other Division 1 sides. In a position where player size was lacking, the Havelocktown youth made up for it with guts, courage and intelligence.

Overall, Isipatana was a team to watch and probably gravitated toward the most competitive group. Vidyartha and Science in the league stage of the tournament had some unsettling moments, but the collective efforts of the team overcame them. Isipatana’s best performance at the end came when he defeated Viyarta in Kandy.

Another reason why this team has gradually come to prominence is that they have improved from match to match. I have to thank Saryakumara (head his coach), Dhanush Kabo Seju (forward coach) and Heshan Gomex (trainer) for providing information to the side.

The green shirt always looked professional when he was running the ball and almost every player had a knack for creating try chances. Among them are Renesh Silva, Wewala Pandis, Skipper Daham Nitina, Sonal Sansoni, Praveen Stefan, Benura Sangheeth, Surya Dodangoda, Dinsala De Costa and Naveen Kanishka.

School Rugby has many support services and Isipatana College is supported by them. When the team walks into the stadium with a large contingent, it underscores that things are going well. It shows that it is given.

No effort to edit this article would be complete without mentioning Isipatana’s past glory, even in capsule form. Won the school’s league crown for the first time under Deepti. The last time a Havelocktown youth won a league crown was in his 2016.

Royals also played well and spent all their ‘gasoline’ on the field despite knowing that the all-important Brady Shield vs Trinity was just days away. Post-pandemic school rugby season Considering this is the first time the NBA has been played to the full this year, it is commendable for all the teams to persevere to the end and complete the game in the league.

Wesley and St. Joseph’s College are the other two teams that have made it to the Super League Round.

For the record, Zahira and DS Senanayake College, playing in the Division 1 Segment B tournament, finished undefeated and earned promotion to play in the Segment A tournament next season.

We have to mention Lalith Athulathmudali MV, who took the lead in Division 2 Group A after clearing the final hurdle against Presidents College Maharagama on Sunday. His Lalith Athulathmudali MV, coached by Ajith Fernando, won him 13-10.

The Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Union, which successfully organized the tournament, also received some brickbats from critics for failing to control unruly crowds during the match. how many times this season? Isipatana finds winning rhythm to take ‘league’ rugby crown

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