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Islamic females harassed again and were “auctioned”

Following the July 2021 incident, another episode of Sulli’s deal, an online auction of Muslim women by right-wing vandalism, took place. With the resurgence of the auction, the lack of respect for Islamic women became apparent again.

Anonymous user “Bulli Bai” targets more than 100 influential Muslim women, whose photos are auctioned off as “Today’s Transactions” on the platform Git-Hub.

The team “Bulli” is a derogatory slur that has been used to insult and despise Islamic women. Similarly, it is noteworthy that the term “Sulli” is an aggressive slur used against Islamic females and has been repeated over and over again in a joint pogrom.

The harassed The Wire investigative journalist Ismat Ara filed a complaint (FIR) with the Delhi police cybercell on Saturday.

“As a Muslim woman, it’s very sad to have to celebrate the New Year from this fear and disgust. It goes without saying that I’m not the only target for this new version, of course. #sullideals, “Ismat Ara first tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

Previously harassed online, Ismat was shocked to learn that the website bullibai.github.io displayed a photo of her improper doctor in a lascivious context on Saturday morning.

She found the website with a doctor image of her face after encountering a tweet tagged “Your Bulli Bai of the day is Ismat Ara”.

Delhi police said they “recognized” the tweet after Ismat called for action. In her complaint, Ismat states that he is unaware of whether the FIR has been submitted and under which section the actions taken against the perpetrator.

Ismat states Section 153A (promoting hostility between different groups on the grounds of religion, race, place of origin, place of residence, language, etc., and doing detrimental acts to maintain harmony), 153B (disadvantageous claims, nations). Integration), 506 (Punishment for Criminal Intimidation), 509 (Words, Gestures, or Acts Aimed to Insult Women’s Modesty), 354A (Punishment for Sexual Harassment, and Section 66 (Hacking by Computer Systems) and 67 (Penalties for publishing or transmitting materials containing sexually explicit acts of the Information Technology Law in electronic format.

“It’s really disappointing to see the immunity that such haters continue to target Islamic women without fear of any sanctions,” she said in a complaint.

Aside from another journalist, Ismat, a former correspondent for The Quint was harassed. Hibabeg was informed by a friend involved in the episode when she tweeted her trials.

“You did nothing to stop this last time, and here again. I censored myself, I hardly talk here anymore, but still I’m sold online And I’m made from “transactions”. @ColumbiaSIPA – Your students are sold online twice in half a year. She tweeted.

Many have come out in favor of these women, including the All India Majlis-Muslim Council (AIMIM), President Asaduddin Owaisi, who called the episode “disgusting” and called for action by the Delhi police.

Dr. Md Jawaid, a member of the Bihar state legislature, has filed a proceeding against the perpetrator in a letter to the Federal Interior Minister of Amit Shah, signed by 56 other members of parliament.

“Requested Hon’HM @AmitShah Ji will take action against the perpetrators of SulliDeals along w56MP. Now we have a new platform, Bulli Bai, which is a replica of Sulli’s transactions. We demand action on both these platforms and law-fearing criminals, “he tweeted.

Factcheck co-founder Mohammed Zubair collected evidence and screenshots of the Twitter handle tweeting the “transaction” and sought complaints from Mumbai police.

“I received a call from DCP Cybersel Mumbai. I shared all the details needed for Mumbai DCP. I hope the people behind this will be caught as soon as possible. Their arrest is also to the creators. May be connected #sullideals “Last year,” tweeted the hopeful Zveil.

“It’s really disappointing to see such a hate’s immunity to continue targeting Islamic women without fear of any sanctions,” Ismat said in her complaint criticizing the leeway given to Hindutvadis in the country. Told.

https://www.siasat.com/sulli-deals-2-0-muslim-women-harassed-and-auctioned-off-once-again-2251321/ Islamic females harassed again and were “auctioned”

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