Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Attack on Kabul Gourdwara

Taliban fighters guard at the explosion site of a Sikh temple in Kabul | Photo: Reuters

Islamic State Korasan (ISKP) claims responsibility for Carte Parwan on Sunday Gurdwara attack in Kabul.. ISKP has issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack. According to ISKP, “Abmohammed Altojiki” carried out an attack that lasted for three hours. The group claimed that in addition to submachine guns and grenades, four IEDs and car bombs were also used in the attack. He also claimed that the attack killed about 50 Hindu Sikhs and Taliban members, and that the attack was carried out in retaliation for insults. Prophet Mohammed According to Indian politicians.

However, the attack killed only two people and injured seven. Strong measures have already been taken against those who have made derogatory statements. The statement was also issued by the relevant districts, emphasizing respect for all religions, condemning insults to religious personalities, or insulting religions or denominations. Vested interests against the relationship between India and Kuwait have used these derogatory comments to incite people. The Bharatiya Janata Party suspended spokesperson Nupur Sharma from key members of the party on Sunday and expelled Delhi media director Naveen Kumar Jindal on suspicion of inflammatory remarks against the minority.

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At least two civilians, including a Seek man and a Muslim guard, were killed after an ISKP attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday. Early inputs suggested that an explosion occurred outside the gates of Gurdwara, killing at least two people. Later, another explosion was heard from within the complex, and several stores in Gurdwara ignited. According to footage posted on social media, the holy Gurdwara Guru Grants Surfib in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, was recovered from a smoke-breathing complex after the attack.

Visuals posted on social media by locals show that a barefoot man has a Guru Glance Sahib in his head. The visuals show a few more people, all walking without shoes. According to the Sikh religious belief Saloop, a physical copy of the Guru Glance Sahib is considered a living guru. The transportation of the Guru Glance Sahib complies with a strict code of conduct, and in honor, the Guru Glance Sahib is put on the head and the person walks barefoot.

The scriptures were reportedly taken to the residence of Gournam Singh, President of Gurdwara Carte Parwan. Religious minorities in Afghanistan, including the Sikh community, have been the targets of violence in Afghanistan. Last October, 15-20 terrorists entered Gurdwara in the Kart-e-Parwan district of Kabul and detained guards. In March 2020, a deadly attack on Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Guru Dwara in the Short Bazaar region of Kabul killed 27 Sikhs and injured several. Terrorists in Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attack.

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