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Israel faces threat from new resistance fighters in occupied West Bank – Middle East Monitor

Israeli occupation forces have been raiding Palestinian homes and properties across the West Bank, facing new threats from “non-factional” resistance fighters, local media report. This is said to be an increasingly frequent trend.

according to Israel Hayomdespite having no such affiliation, the new breed of resistance fighters has made Israeli raids on Palestinian property “very dangerous”.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his aides have insisted they support only unarmed popular resistance, but an Israeli newspaper said “something else is going on”.

The Israeli military has recently monitored a sharp increase in this trend, documenting repeated violent attacks by Palestinians against its forces during day and night raids in the occupied West Bank. Palestinian fighters appear to be moving from one party to another based on their own interests, preferring to “sacrifice their blood” rather than surrendering arms or surrendering themselves to the authorities. prefer”.

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This flexibility would make raids to capture Palestinians much more complicated, posing a “huge challenge” for occupying forces. Some, such as Ibrahim Al Nablushi, choose to fight to the last bullet.

Palestinian resistance fighters are also reported to have carried out several violent attacks against militant illegal settlers and Israeli occupation military bases.

Resistance to military occupation, including armed resistance, is legal under international law. All Israeli settlements are illegal.

https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220831-israel-faces-threat-from-new-resistance-fighters-in-occupied-west-bank/ Israel faces threat from new resistance fighters in occupied West Bank – Middle East Monitor

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