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Israel faces wide international condemnation for attack on Gaza – Middle East Monitor

Israel faced international condemnation from around the world over the latest military attack on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip before an Egypt-brokered ceasefire went into effect on Sunday night. , condemning the attack and calling for international protection for the Palestinian people.

Russia Affirmed that the Palestinian people uphold their legitimate right to establish an independent state on their 1967 borders, based on UN Security Council and UN General Assembly resolutions, and expressed deep concern over progress in the Gaza Strip on Saturday did.

“Friday’s attack on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Air Force has brought a new phase to the escalation of tensions that threatens to lead to large-scale military conflict and a deterioration in the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, which is already very bad. ”said Moscow’s foreign ministry. The Russian Federation stressed its support for a comprehensive and long-term agreement on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on a two-state solution.

Kuwait’s The Foreign Ministry has condemned and condemned the Israeli aggression that killed and injured dozens of Palestinians. The ministry said the brutal aggression was a continuation of crimes committed by Israel’s occupying forces, including violations of international law and UN resolutions.

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It called on the international community to assume its responsibility with immediate action to stop Israeli attacks and ensure that the occupying authorities heed the UN Charter and international law. Kuwait also called on the international community to protect the Palestinian people.

Lebanese The foreign ministry said on Saturday that the international community should urgently intervene to stop Israeli attacks and protect Palestinian civilians, who have suffered greatly from Israel’s unjust siege of the Gaza Strip, to comply with UN resolutions on occupying powers. asked to request

Algeria Condemned all Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. I called for urgent intervention to stop it and renewed full solidarity with the Palestinian people. Algiers’ foreign ministry said this dangerous escalation is a continuation of Israel’s systematic violation of civilians against all relevant international conventions and resolutions.

The ministry urged the international community, particularly the UN Security Council, to “intervene urgently to deter these attacks and to respect the rights of the Palestinian people, in particular their inalienable right to establish an independent state with Jerusalem.” I called you to do it. as its capital.

Syrian The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Envoys said the Israeli occupation was responsible for the dangerous escalation in the Gaza Strip. It called for detaining Israeli officials to hold them accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The ministry said the lack of interest of the international community in the blood of innocent Palestinians, whether children, women or the elderly, led to blatant complicity between Israeli aggression and disrespect for the values ​​of international law and the United Nations Charter. It also confirmed Syria’s support for defending the rights to life and liberty of the Palestinian people.

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Turkey’s The foreign ministry said it was monitoring with deep concern the escalating tensions in the region following Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip. Affirming that the killing of civilians, including children, is unacceptable, he stressed the need to “immediately end” the attacks before they escalate into a spiral of conflict.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney called for an immediate end to Israeli attacks on Gaza to protect Gaza’s civilian population. “Ireland seeks de-escalation and protection of civilians, which is an obligation under international law,” Coveney said on Twitter. “I am particularly concerned about the impact of this on children. ”

Arab League Condemned Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip in the context of the ongoing war against the Palestinians. The director-general told the media that he was holding the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the invasion, its consequences and the heinous and bloody crimes that the army continues to commit.

He argued that such crimes must be held accountable before competent international bodies. The League of Nations urges the international community, in particular the United Nations Security Council and human rights organizations, to take immediate steps to stop this aggression and to provide the Palestinian people with a system of international protection by implementing relevant United Nations resolutions. and to take effective action.

“The continuation of the unjust warfare and brutal attacks of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people, their lands, their rights and sanctuaries, and the shedding of their blood, especially in this recent barbaric attack in Gaza, has led to the Palestinian A person or a legitimate national right established in accordance with international law and legitimacy.”

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League officials urged the international community, its organizations, institutions, and countries acting to stop such attacks and restore protection by lifting the unjust siege of the Gaza Strip and rebuilding what was destroyed by the series. It has a responsibility to provide and open up the political horizon. of Israeli military attacks since 2008

“This also imposes on the international community the need to initiate a serious political process that will allow the Palestinian people to exercise their rights to liberty, sovereignty and return to their land. It is a way of achieving the desired peace that

arab parliament It also condemned Israel’s aggression against Palestinians and its targeting of unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip, where dozens were killed and injured. Congress said Israeli occupation authorities must take responsibility for the consequences of this dangerous escalation to the Palestinian people. “This is a grave violation of international law and of the UN Charter, treaties, treaties and international principles.It also violates all resolutions of international legitimacy and human rights principles.” Urgent Intervention by the International Community was requested.

Al Azhar University

Egypt’s al-Azhar University authorities have condemned Israel’s aggression against the Gaza Strip. “Al-Azhar condemned in the strongest terms the terrorism against Gaza by the Zionist organization, killing Palestinian civilians, injuring dozens and targeting children and women,” the prominent Islamic organization said. Stated. It condemned the unreasonable and unacceptable global silence that encouraged the Israeli occupation to repeat attacks against innocent Palestinians.

Al-Azhar describes the policies and practices by which the Israeli occupation has allowed Palestinians to escape as a stain on the international community and the humanitarian forehead, and as another criminal record to add to the blackspot against Zionist organizations. did. He added that “all Arabs and Muslims” should unite to “support the Palestinians, their cause, their just struggle against the Israeli military occupation.”

Civil society in Jordan

Jordanian civil society has condemned all Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The Jordan Specialized Syndicate, the Jordan Engineers Association, and the Jordan Academic Campaign in Support of Palestinian Rights said in separate statements that the Israeli occupation seeks to defeat the Palestinian will with repeated attacks on the Gaza Strip. Confirmed with Palestinian.

They called on Arab and Islamic countries to stand firm against these attacks and to provide all forms of support in the legitimate struggle to defend the rights of the Palestinian people.

The Foreign Ministry in Amman called for an immediate end to the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and called on the international community to take urgent and effective action to stop the escalation and protect the Palestinian people.

Islamic Broadcasting Union

The Islamic Broadcasting Union strongly condemned the brutal Israeli aggression launched against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by occupying forces, resulting in the death and injury of dozens.

Director General Amr Elisey said on Saturday that the dangerous invasion underscores the occupation forces’ continuing crimes and violations of international law and resolutions. He called on the international community to stop this brutal Israeli aggression and to provide international protection to the Palestinian people under attack from a brutal aggressor who violates all international norms and customs. I asked you to accept it.

The union also extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.

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