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Israel has ordered police to investigate misuse of controversial hacking tools

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Initial investigations have begun following local media reports of misuse of Pegasus spyware by Israeli police on national citizens.

The NSO states that it cannot identify or reject existing or potential customers and is not involved in the operation of the system after it has been sold to government customers. (Reuters)

The Israeli Attorney General ordered an investigation into police surveillance tactics in reports of improper use of disputed hacking tools by law enforcement agencies.

A Calcalist Financial Daily report explaining the police misuse of Pegasus spyware by the Israeli NSO Group, a company currently blacklisted by the U.S. government, has already spurred Congress and sought clarification from police officials. I am.

In a published letter to the police secretary, Attorney Abichai Mandelbritt said the initial investigation into the matter found no evidence of systematic misuse of surveillance technology.

However, due to the lack of identification information, he said it would be difficult to track down the particular case described in the media.

Calcalists, without citing sources, reported that police used Pegasus against targets, including rebel protesters, and sometimes lacked the necessary court warrants.

“It’s hard to exaggerate the seriousness of infringement of basic rights,” Mandelbritt said.

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Global pressure

The report adds a new domestic angle to global pressure on Israel, following allegations that Pegasus was abused by some foreign client governments to spy on human rights activists, journalists and politicians. did.

Mandelbritt said he formed a team led by his agent to investigate the issue “in a systematic and thorough manner.”

Police commissioner Kobi Shabutai said Thursday that police are conducting an internal investigation that has so far not found any misuse.

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