Israel is reportedly seeking the future of the United States to provide laser weapons to Arab Gulf countries


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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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Last week, Israeli Defense Minister announced that Tel Aviv was working on a “Middle East air defense alliance” with the Arab government, but did not provide details. On Sunday, US media reported that Washington mediated a secret meeting in the spring of Israeli and Arab’s top military officials to discuss regional air defense adjustments to Iran.

Israeli authorities are planning to seek formal congratulations from US President Joe Biden to provide an iron beam laser-based air defense system to the United Arab Emirates and possibly Gulf Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Israeli channel. 12 reported.

Sourceless Hebrew report, Quoted by During the Israeli era, the provision of the system to the Gulf countries supported US-led promotion to strengthen air defense cooperation between Tel Aviv and loose regional coalitions including Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Qatar has shown to do.

The Jewish state has no formal diplomatic relations with the latter two countries, and Riyadh has repeatedly stated that it will not establish formal relations with Israel until the Palestinian issue and the creation of the Palestinian state are resolved.

Sunday, The Wall Street Journal reportCiting US and Middle Eastern sources, the Pentagon said it held a hash-hash conference in March in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, to discuss ways to improve air defense cooperation against Iran’s ballistic missiles and drones. rice field. The meeting is said to have been chaired by then-Prime Minister of the United States Central Command Frank Mackenzie and attended by the highest military commanders invited from Israel and Arab countries.
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, publication The formation of a regional anti-Iran air defense alliance last week seemed to show the credibility of the WSJ’s report on Monday. say it Israel has “built extensive partnerships with other countries in the region to ensure a safe, stable and prosperous Middle East,” “above all, this includes aerial defense.”

Israel “creates a’Middle East Air Defense Alliance’under the wings of the United States,” Defense Minister says

“We will strengthen this because the stable Middle East is in the highest international, regional and Israeli interests,” Gantz said.

Iran’s army also appears to be indirectly responding to the WSJ’s report, with Army Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri. Warning on monday Tehran “does not tolerate” the threat posed by the cooperation between Israel and the CENTCOM and “reacts to them”.

Israel has long touted the advanced features of the so-called “Iron Beam” laser-based air defense system, whose prototype was announced last year. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said “game changer” weapons would change the balance in favor of Israel, with an estimated $ 2 per burst of power required to intercept enemy rockets, which could rocket. Not a dollar. Bennett expressed his hope that the system would be online by 2023.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Meigen or Platform-Sputnik International, 1920, June 1, 2022

“Iron Beam”: Israel’s new laser air defense system “bankrupts the enemy,” says Bennett
Break defense last week report Israel will demand more money from Biden for the development of Iron Beam, in addition to the $ 3.3 billion US annual subsidy already received by Israeli military and defense facilities. According to outlet sources, Israel is likely to demand the US president to pay an additional $ 300 million in cash.

“The relationship between the United States and Israel is strong. The issues at the table during the visit are of paramount importance to both the United States and Israel. I am confident that the negotiations will be fruitful for both sides.”

During his trip to the Middle East next month, Biden is expected to visit Israeli air force bases and see first-hand the prototype laser weapons being developed by Israeli defense giants Rafael and Elbit Systems.

Lasers for use on aircraft, missiles, drones, ships, and ground equipment have been on the design drawings of weapons developers since the Cold War, and engineers will replace traditional missiles and shell projectiles with future beam pulses. We have been pondering the possibilities for decades. However, energy-oriented weapons are seen as previously unsolvable problems, such as the enormous amount of power needed to operate them and the interaction of combat lasers with natural phenomena such as rain, fog, smog, and dust. I have long faced the problems that have been raised. It erases their power.

Last month, US weapons maker Raytheon report A unique laser weapon on the Army Stryker armored vehicle successfully shot down a mortar ammunition in a test.
A 50 kW class laser onboard the US Army Stryker armored vehicle during live-fire training at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Some of the US Army's directed-energy weapons-short range air defense, or DEM-SHORAD. -Sputnik International, 1920, 19.05.2022

Raytheon laser weapon of striker armored car succeeds in shooting down mortar ammunition Israel is reportedly seeking the future of the United States to provide laser weapons to Arab Gulf countries

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