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Israel reopens major crossroads with Gaza to boost economy

Tel Aviv: Israel decided on Tuesday to reopen the Elez crossing at the northern end of the Gaza Strip after a pile of economic losses in poor coastal outlying areas.

“After assessing the security situation, it was decided to resume the entry of workers and merchants from Gaza through the Elez intersection to Israel tomorrow Tuesday,” said Admiral Gaza, a government activity coordinator for the Palestinian Territory. Said. In a statement to the press on Monday.

“Opening the crossroads to the movement of merchants and workers, and other private steps from the Gaza Strip to Israel, are contingent on maintaining the security and stability of the region,” the statement said.

According to the Palestinian Coordination Office with Israel, Israel closed the crossroads on Sunday after an unknown militant fired several rockets from the Gaza Strip in southern Israel. This happened in the context of heightened tensions in East Jerusalem and an Israeli arrest campaign on the west coast during the holy month of Ramadan Muslims.

Gaza economists say leaving the crossroads open would constitute a qualitative leap in overcoming the current state of economic downturn and stagnation that has continued for more than 15 years due to the blockade of Israel. rice field.

They said that about 12,000 Palestinian workers and merchants travel daily from the Gaza Strip to Israel, bringing 5 million shekels (US $ 1.52 million) of financial liquidity to coastal outlying areas.

These incomes, which were supposed to enter Gaza through workers, will greatly reduce the economic, social and livelihood crises that the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip are suffering from.

https://www.siasat.com/israel-to-reopen-main-crossing-point-with-gaza-to-boost-economy-2-2316222/ Israel reopens major crossroads with Gaza to boost economy

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