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Israeli Courts Extend Detention of Palestinian Leaders Threatening ‘Vulnerable’ Gaza Ceasefire – Middle East Monitor

military court of offer It extended the detention of Islamic Jihadist (PIJ) leader Bassam al-Saadi for six days, threatening a fragile Egypt-brokered ceasefire agreement between Israeli and Palestinian resistance groups. His 48 Palestinians died, including 17 children and his 4 women. In addition he wounded 360 Palestinians.

There are conflicting stories about the agreement. The PIJ claims the release of al-Saadi and other senior members is part of the ceasefire agreement. PIJ Reader Ziyad Al Nahara At a press conference after announcing the ceasefire, Egypt said it would cooperate with Israel in the release of two prisoners, including al-Saadi.

However, Israel has refuted the allegations and extended al-Saadi’s detention. Israeli radio reports that al-Saadi has appeared before a military court. His lawyer said al-Saadi was beaten and brutally assaulted during his arrest. The Israeli military prosecutor said al-Saadi was questioned yesterday about new charges and the court was asked to extend his detention to complete the investigation.

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a UN Delegation Visits Al Saadi Yesterday in Ofer prison. Tor Wensland, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, tweeted about the visit. The UN coordinator explained that the visit was part of UN efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement in Gaza, along with Egypt and Qatar.

“Today I sent a UN team to visit Sheikh Al-Sadi in Ofer Prison to follow up on the UN’s promise to keep calm in Gaza,” Wencesland said on Twitter. “I reiterate that the ceasefire in Gaza is extremely fragile and I call on all sides to keep calm.” It is not clear if they were sent to the Department of Defense to examine al-Saadi.

Israel’s Minister of Justice, Gideon Sahl, rejected He said there was an Israeli promise to release al-Saadi, saying, “In this regard, there is not an Israeli promise, but an Egyptian promise.”

“I can say that we have no intention to release Bassam al-Saadi, nor do we have any intention to release the striking prisoners. Khalil Awadeh before the end of the administrative detention period imposed on him,” Searle added.

Occupation forces stormed the city of Jenin early last week, al-saadi kidnapped from his home after assaulting him and his family.

https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220811-threatening-fragile-gaza-ceasefire-israel-court-extends-detention-of-palestinian-leader/ Israeli Courts Extend Detention of Palestinian Leaders Threatening ‘Vulnerable’ Gaza Ceasefire – Middle East Monitor

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