Israeli diplomats advised against dealings with Taiwan as relations with China deepened

China was Israel’s major importer in 2021. The United States is opposed to the port of Israel, but the two countries are also discussing the modernization of the port of Israel.

Israeli diplomats have been instructed by the government to avoid inviting Taiwanese colleagues to the event and not attend events hosted by Taipei representatives, Israeli broadcaster Kang said journalists. I quoted the letter and reported it.

The letter was reportedly drafted and urgently sent by Hagai Shaglia, Director of Northeast Asia at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the broadcaster, he specifically warned diplomats of inviting Taiwanese representatives to an event dedicated to Israel’s 74th Independence Day. Israeli diplomats are also reportedly told to skip events related to Taiwan’s Independence Day in October.

In this August 18, 2021 photo, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin pauses while speaking during a media briefing in the Pentagon, Washington. -Sputnik International, 1920, 23.05.2022

Austin defeated Biden’s defense claim to Taiwan, saying U.S. policy was “unchanged.”

The document does not appear to mention a cautious encounter with Taiwanese diplomats, but states that state diplomats should avoid formal or public meetings. One Israeli diplomat anonymously told Kan that the letter did not indicate a change in official policy regarding Taiwan.

Israel is unaware of the independence of the island, which Beijing considers to be a separate state. However, Tel Aviv has maintained an informal relationship with Taipei for many years.

At the same time, Israel enjoys a closer economic relationship with China. The latter became Israel’s largest importer in 2021, and Tel Aviv is looking at it as a potential partner for building the modern era. Haifa harbor..The United States is reportedly opposed to this project, but Tel Aviv is Resolutely to pursue it..
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