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Israeli Prime Minister Disregards Palestinian Lives – Middle East Monitor

On Tuesday, the Russian embassy in Egypt condemned the hypocrisy of Israeli Prime Minister Yair Rapid in his attack on Gaza, accused Moscow of alleged crimes in Ukraine, and stressed that Mr Rapid disrespects Palestinian lives. did.

“Compare to Yair Lapid’s lie about Ukraine in April. [place] Responsibility to Russia after the death of the Bucha people who were barbarously killed by the Ukrainian Nazis at his call in August for attacking and bombing Palestinian territories in the Gaza Strip,” the embassy tweeted. Standards and .. complete disregard for Palestinian life?” the Russian Embassy tweeted.

The tweet included a screenshot of Rapid’s tweet, in which he wrote: It is a crime and I strongly condemn it. ”

Rapid’s tweet was in response to reports that Russian forces deliberately killed more than 1,300 civilians during the Bucha invasion. Russia denied the allegations.

The three-day Israeli offensive on Gaza, which began on Friday, has killed 47 Palestinians, including 15 children, and injured 365.

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https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220811-russia-israel-pm-disregards-the-lives-of-palestinians/ Israeli Prime Minister Disregards Palestinian Lives – Middle East Monitor

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