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Israel’s Ben-Gubir wary of advancing far-right agenda in leaked audio – Middle East Monitor

The far-rightist, who is on track to take key posts in Israel’s next government, told his party in a recording leaked Sunday that some of the proposed bill could backfire. I warned against trying to move too quickly on the subject.Reuters report.

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu last week gave Jewish power leader Itamar Ben Gubir the Ministry of National Security a newly created portfolio with powers over Israeli police and the occupied West Bank. promised.

The rise of Ben-Gvir, a West Bank settler who was convicted of sedition against Arabs in 2007 and documented aiding Jewish groups on terrorist watch lists in Israel and the United States, is causing concern.

But Ben-Gvir, now a lawyer, says his position has become more moderate. This includes the mass expulsion of Arabs, rather than those they deem terrorists and traitors, and the relaxation of field restrictions on armed forces facing Palestinian turmoil.

Israeli army radio A member of Congress aired a recording from a Jewish powers conference discussing a proposed bill to deport those who express solidarity with extremists.

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Ben-Gvir replied:

It is Baruch Goldstein, the settler who identified with and slaughtered the ultra-nationalist Jewish group Kaha.

Ben-Gvir Seeks Prominent Place Within Netanyahu’s Next Coalition – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

A Palestinian in a West Bank mosque in 1994. The attack prompted Israel to outlaw Kutch, to which Ben Guvir also once belonged.

“Every bill you propose has a very wide range of consequences and implications,” Ben Guvir said in the recording. “If you know what the implications are and you know what needs to be done, I’m with you. But first, you have to understand everything.”

Inquirer army radiohe confirmed the recording.

Appointment of Ben-Gvir – this is channel 12 tv A poll found that 49% of Israelis support it, while 46% disapprove.

The Nome, a party that promotes strict Jewish law, became the second coalition partner of Netanyahu’s conservative Likud on Sunday, winning 39 of the Knesset’s 120 seats so far.

Palestinians have despised Ben-Gwir’s prudence.

The Palestinian said, “Ben-Gwir is a violent, law-breaking, racist and terrorist who wants to move from being a man of public responsibility. Through our position, we can turn this racism and hatred into official government policy.” Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki.

Since signing Likud, Ben-Gwir has also refused to respond to previous calls to end the Israeli police ban on Jewish prayers on the grounds of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque. . Palestinians and Jordanians view Jewish prayers there as a provocation.

Israeli pressure Kan Radio On Sunday, he used the site’s biblical name, saying only that he would “do everything possible to prevent prejudiced policies against the Temple Mount.”

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https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20221128-israel-ben-gvir-in-leaked-audio-cautious-on-advancing-far-right-agenda/ Israel’s Ben-Gubir wary of advancing far-right agenda in leaked audio – Middle East Monitor

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