It affects the fragile mind.Kremlin officials have come up with “creative” ways to counterattack celebrities who oppose Russia’s war against Ukraine

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Despite being threatened by military censorship, arrest, or criminal prosecution for “false information” or “damaging” Russian troops, many Russians are open to Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. I am against it. Putin administration officials are particularly “concerned” about the effects of celebrities who have spoken against the war, according to sources in the Medusa near the Kremlin. And, as correspondent Andrey Pelzev learned, the Kremlin plans to do something about it.

Putin administration officials are “concerned” about popular musicians, actors, directors and comedies making anti-war statements, three sources close to the Kremlin told Medusa. “Artists are opinion leaders and influence the fragile minds of the audience,” ironically states one of these sources.

The list of Russian celebrities who directly criticized Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine includes a television host. Maxim GarkinRapper’s face, singer Monet ChikaAnd stand-up comedian Alexandr Dolgopolov When Danila PoperechnyAbove all.

The Putin administration’s domestic policy block is currently working to counter these “leaders of opinion,” according to Medusa sources. Sergey Novikov, who heads the Presidential Directorate General of Social Projects, and his deputy Alexei Zarich are tasked with overseeing this task. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not answer Medusa’s question before publication.

The Kremlin’s efforts to “cancele” these opinion makers are organized through the Russian local government. The Putin administration has “recommended” suitable “campaigns” for regional authorities to carry out, according to Medusa sources.For example, in late April, the bus stop in Krasnoyarsk paper Comes with a “promotional poster” depicting comedians, actors and singers who have spoken against the war.

One of the posters claims that comedian Danilla Popelechiny will perform in London, Paris, and “Tallinn” (a clear misspelling of the Estonian capital Tallinn) as part of a tour called “Crossing the Patriotic Borders”. bottom. She “talks about dangerous topics at a safe distance.”

Another poster depicts members of the popular band Little Big on top of the phrase “Little Patrioticism Big Idiocy.”Little Big members Ilya Pruskin and Sonya Tayurskaya have both Speak loudly Against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Later similar poster Appeared In St. Petersburg. The Krasnoyarsk and St. Petersburg administrations did not answer Medusa’s question as to whether these posters were “descended” by Putin administration officials. Next, the Mayor’s Office of Krasnoyarsk promised to remove the “poster”.

Another option the Putin administration gave to local authorities was to personally blame the celebrities who blamed the war.For example, Primorsky Krai Minister of Culture Elena Bronnikova is openly publication Local authorities will not allow such artists to perform at local venues. “Celebrities who have taken an open anti-Russian position after the start of military operations in Ukraine have no place in Primorsky Krai,” she said.

The Primorsky Krai government did not respond to Medusa’s request for comment prior to the announcement.

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A source in Medusa, close to the Putin administration, explained that these “campaigns” were designed to reach viewers across the country through news media and Telegram channels. The source quoted the “Poster” campaign in Krasnoyarsk as an example. “The main thing was that the idea was creative. It’s clear that Krasnoyarsk pensioners sitting at the bus stop don’t appreciate it — they don’t know who. [the rapper] Face. However, the media wrote about posters, including opposition media. A very wide audience saw them. Someone who uses the internet and knows about these artists, “explained the source.

At the same time, another source pointed out that so far, campaigns against artists who have accused the war have been “far from the war and not fully developed.” Indeed, federal-level politicians and state media are participating “passively” because they do not want to show the audience the number of famous Russians who have blamed Moscow’s actions.

With this in mind, it is an exception to the rules that RT Head Margarita Simonyan publicly harasses TV host Maxim Garkin.After Garkin Blame Simonyan, Russia, who killed a civilian in Ukraine — on air on state television channel Russia-1 — accuses him of “hypocrisy” and “elderly women” to advance his career (pop megastar Arapgachowa) Claimed to have married. “Everyone knows he’s gay,” so “distract.”

Some members of the House of Representatives have spoken “passively.” For example, Elena Yampolskaya, chairman of the Parliamentary Cultural Committee (Member of United Russia) suggestion Ban people who have accused the Ukrainian invasion of playing in Russia.

Sources close to Medusa’s sources near Putin’s administration and House’s leadership emphasized that the Kremlin has no plans to enact such a ban at the legislative level.However, both Russian and Ukrainian performers who publicly opposed the invasion I have already seen Their concert was banned.

Sources close to the House leadership explained the logic of these federal politicians’ initiatives for Medusa: [saying] Anything else that is patriotic. “

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Simplified translation by Irish heart It affects the fragile mind.Kremlin officials have come up with “creative” ways to counterattack celebrities who oppose Russia’s war against Ukraine

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