Italian company JAS develops new way to enjoy cocktails-lifestyle

(ANSA)-Rome, July 29-For a country not known as the Big Buzzer, Italy has a great tradition of getting alcoholic beverages.

Campari, Martini, Prosecco, Limoncello, Amaretto and Chianti are just a few examples.

A young Roman-based company, JAS continues this tradition in an innovative way to enjoy cocktails.

Cold drinks mixed by skilled bartenders are one of the pleasures of life, especially on hot summer nights.

However, having a bartender at hand to prepare the perfect cocktail is not always possible or affordable.

Therefore, JAS, which stands for Juicy and Sparkling, offers a wide range of ready-to-drink cocktails that enable this authentic experience, whether it’s a house party, barbecue, or boating.

The cocktails are in barrels, chilled in the fridge, and when it’s time for the party, tap on top, put in an ice bag and start pouring.

A 3 liter barrel, enough for 20 cocktails, arrives for just under 50 euros (46-48 euros).

Drinks less than 2.50 euros, which is good in terms of money value.

But that’s just one of the strengths of the range.

Founder Gianluca Sanzi, chemist and entrepreneur, and top barman Pino Mondello have chosen a unique cocktail that gives people the opportunity to explore new flavors.

The ingredients are organic and are at risk because juices from fruit varieties grown by smallholders are no longer used.

Therefore, it aims to help maintain biodiversity while supporting traditional farmers and their communities. For example, JAS Tintoretto is made from organic pomegranate in the Salento region of southern Italy.

Puccini is based on organic Ciacri tangerines, and Hugo, a Bolzano apéritif, uses wild elder flower syrup.

“Our philosophy is simple,” said Mondello.

“Recipes should be labeled as short as possible, using only organic or wild ingredients.

“No sugar or preservatives added. No additives, fragrances or colorings.”

Signs of how enthusiastic Sanji and Mondello are in the authenticity of the ingredients are shown by the fact that Brenta Dolomites raspberries are now out of season and have ceased production of melanpomix this year.

The JAS pipeline has two new cocktails, Bellini and Rossini, each containing peaches and strawberries.

The company has partnered with Rome’s renowned Alexander Platz Jazz Club (JAS Meets Jazz) at a stand that will open in the Colosseum area on August 2 as part of the Estate Romana Summer Festival in the Italian capital.

Sanzi and Mondello have selected a variety of sparkling cocktails with relatively low alcohol content. The idea is for people to enjoy the taste and have a good time without being destroyed.

“We are happy with the work we have done so far and we are confident that every taste shows the commitment and attention we have put into our preparation and selection of ingredients,” Sanzi concludes. (ANSA).

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