Italian Heating and Hot Gas Primary Sources-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 21-Natural gas is Italy’s main source of heating and hot water, ISTAT said in a 2021 household energy consumption report released Tuesday.

According to a survey by the Statistics Bureau, methane fuels 63% of Italy’s heating systems and 69.2% of household water supplies.

Russia has cut Italy’s gas supply by about half due to the Ukrainian war.

At the beginning of the conflict, it accounted for about 40% of Italy’s gas supply.

ISTAT reports a slight reduction in conventional and non-renewable energy sources (methane, diesel, LPG) for 2013 compared to electrical energy and biomass.

According to the report, the electric energy system accounts for 8.5% of heating and 16% of hot water.

Biomass fuels 15% of heating and 5.5% of hot water.

Solar power heats 1.4% of water.

Half of Italy’s households, 48.8%, have air conditioning. (ANSA).

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