Italian leader resigns after disrespecting Poland and Hungary

Enrico Letta is the leader of Italy’s largest opposition party, the leftist Democratic Party. However, he was unable to maintain his position.After Sunday’s election, he announced he was stepping down, he reported PoliticoEnrico Letta has said he will remain party leader for the time being but will not challenge him at the next party congress.

In connection with the election, the left-wing politician said Sunday was a “sad day for Italy and Europe”.

The Democrats came in second in the election, with a coalition of right-wing parties led by Giorgia Meloni and the Brotherhood of Italy winning the election with 45% of the vote. As a result, Meloni is likely to become Italy’s next prime minister.

During the Italian election campaign, Hungary and the Hungarian government were a commonly-covered topic, and left-wing branches were forced to criticize the right-wing by emphasizing Fidesz’s relationship with Prime Minister Viktor Orban or simply denigrating Hungary. tried to oppose Italian political parties.

This is exactly what Enrico Letta did in early September He said Economic forums say Italy remains in Europe’s top division alongside France and Germany, and the country could enter Serie B (a reference to football’s second division) if the right-wing can win the elections. there is. Poland and Hungary. The left-wing politician later added that Italy could not afford to follow the path of Hungary or Poland.

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The summer before that, Letta spoke out against alliance Between the Italian Right and the Hungarian Right. He accused Victor Orban of using tools such as the veto to “defeat sanctions against Russia and sanctions on immigration.”

Despite Enrico Letta doing everything he could to keep voters away from right-wing parties, he was unsuccessful, and while he was prospering in the recent landslide victory won by Italy’s right-wing party, his position as leader of the party remained unsuccessful. seems to have ended his career.

Featured photo by MTI/EPA/ANSA/Fabio Frustaci Italian leader resigns after disrespecting Poland and Hungary

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