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Italian leaders agree to speed up the presidential vote as the stalemate continues

The center-right sought to impose their candidates, but failed, and the presidential election stalled.

Presidential elections, often compared to Pope Conclave in secret ballots and closed-door transactions, are usually low stakes contests. (Reuters)

Italy has sought to accelerate the process of electing a new president after days of impasse that paralyzed Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government, but parliament remained severely divided.

Friday’s political leaders agreed to vote twice a day instead of once a day, as four votes haven’t yielded a winner-like thing since Monday.

However, Friday’s first vote failed after the left-wing block of Congress abstained in protest of a candidate proposed by the right.

And the sixth attempt in the evening collapsed before it began, after the right-wing block said it would abstain in response to the previous boycott.

Two more votes are scheduled for Saturday, and negotiations continued between different parties sharing power in Draghi’s national unity government.

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But with Draghi’s shift to that job, this year’s race risks destabilizing the government and deepening the fractures between the parties that have already been making noise prior to the 2023 elections.

On Friday, Matteo Salvini’s League Party officially proposed candidates on behalf of right-wing block, Senator Elizabetta Caserati, for the first time.

In the end, Casellati, who, if elected, became Italy’s first female head of state, won only 382 votes, even with all the votes commanded by the right-wing party.

Winners must ensure an absolute majority of electoral colleges consisting of 1,009 members, senators, and regional representatives.

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