Italian press comments on the foreign policy direction of the Victorious Center-Right Coalition

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The majority of commentators see little room for maneuver to rebalance Italy’s foreign policy after the landslide victory of the centre-right coalition.

italian newspaper La Repubblica Quotation marks European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has done more harm than good to the political parties of the center-left coalition with her unintentional honesty.Chairman Said Ahead of the Italian elections, they said they would wait for the results of the votes in Italy, adding: “We’ve talked about Hungary and Poland if things go awry. We have the tools.”

Asked To Corriere della Sera Matteo Salvini, how he viewed von der Leyen’s comments, called this utterly unconcealed threat “undignified and embarrassing” and had trouble properly assessing it (” Threats, blackmail, systematic bullying?”). Salvini’s Rega ultimately failed to achieve the extraordinary results expected by the party secretary, even falling below the 10% threshold, leaving Salvini’s party to an uncomfortable coalition in its search for something sharper. You can assume that you will become a partner. profile.

Which way this will go is still hard to predict. With both Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia pledging allegiance to the Transatlantic Alliance, there’s little leeway to do but stay away cautiously. However, this is not an easy task. Because the support for Ukraine, which Meloni has already given extensive guarantees to, is a red line for Brussels.

In Strasbourg, the Italian Brotherhood belongs to a group of European Conservatives and Reformers backing Roberta Mezzola, and around the Identity and Democratic Party to which Lega belongs, the majority of the European Parliament has a kind of “cordon sanitation”. ” has been established. describe ANSAan Italian news agency.

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From Hungary’s point of view, Salvini’s shocking refusal of Orban’s access to Hungary is no reason to expect a common stance in the EU. But when people vote, they are always right.Orban makes mistakes like the abortion issue (he’s so far from reality), but so does everyone else,” Salvini was quoted as saying. Corriere della Sera.

This is all the more remarkable given that Salvini explicitly praised Hungary’s family policy during his election campaign. Hungary today reported earlier.

unews Forza Italia Vice President Antonio Tagjani, the former President of the European Parliament, sees another junior partner in the centre-right coalition as “important to[Italy’s]stability and credibility on the international stage”. I am quoting words. He promises his party will work for “Atlantic-oriented Italy, with close ties to NATO and Brussels”. “We have not received any support from Italy,” he said.

Meanwhile, the first frictions over international allies in a future coalition have already occurred, unews I believe.

Il Giornalecritical of Hungary . With a little practice of empathy, perhaps Il Giornale A parallel can be drawn between the actions of the Left in Italy and those of their comrades in Hungary:

A distorted view of self-destructive chatter.” Il Giornaleit is widespread throughout Europe, but can actually be claimed for the Hungarian left.

Left side La Repubblica I look forward to the victory of the allied forces led by Meloni. Tensions with Hungary could be reduced to “negligible details” given Italy’s political importance. Support from members of the Visegrad Group could even lead to a political “reorganization of the continent”.

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Featured photo from Giorgia Meloni’s Facebook page Italian press comments on the foreign policy direction of the Victorious Center-Right Coalition

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