Italian style Monaco night

Italian nights got into full swing at the Contamin market on Tuesday night.Monaco Tribune Will take you there.

6:45 pm: The various food stalls and restaurants on the market are busy. The first Italian assortment will be displayed on the counter. Cold cuts, pizza and cheese are on display. The evening is scheduled to start at 7 pm. But curious people are starting to wander the aisles. The table is decorated in Italian colors and in front of each square is the iconic “Ben Benuti“.

“Do you still have a room?” A family is wondering. Immediate reply from restaurant owner: “No, everything is full!” More than 200 people will be able to enter the market.There are already some pizzas on the table, down to the classic margaritas To a version with truffles. Plates of traditional pasta will soon join them and please customers.

There is a little talk about the location. People, from grandchildren to grandparents, laugh and eat with their families in Italian or French. Behind the room, three musicians and singers are excited and warm applause is given at the end of each (alternate Italian or French) song. Italian style Monaco night

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