Italians discover effective anti-cancer vaccine

(ANSA) – ROME, Aug. 11 – Researchers in Italy have discovered an anti-cancer vaccine that can induce an immune response against tumors, potentially increasing the effectiveness of immunotherapeutic drugs.

The discovery was made by Armenise-Harvard immunomodulatory researcher at the Italian Institute of Genomic Medicine (IIGM).

Vaccines use viruses as Trojan horses, they said.

Instructs the immune system to recognize cancer cells.

The research team is based at the IRCCS Oncology Foundation in Piedmont in Candiolo, a suburb of Turin.

The findings are presented in a paper published in Science Translational Medicine.

This was achieved in collaboration with the Swiss/Italian biotech company Nouscom.

This vaccine has proven effective in 12 patients with metastatic colon cancer subtypes in combination with immunotherapeutic agents.

“The technologies to make these vaccines a reality are clearly proven, and we think the data from the first clinical trials are very encouraging,” said Louisia Pace, director of the Armenis-Harvard Institute. Stated.

“There is now a tangible possibility of creating new vaccines that are effective against many other types of cancer.”


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