Italy continues to support sanctions and wants Ukraine in EU-PM-English

(ANSA)-Rome, May 3-Italy is ready to continue to support sanctions against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, but is ready to work to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Prime Minister Mario Draghi told the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Draghi also reiterated that Ukraine was in favor of being allowed to join the EU.

“The war in Ukraine has shown many serious vulnerabilities in our country with respect to Moscow,” Draghi said.

“Italy is one of the most exposed member states,” he added, noting that Italy depends on Russian gas.

“This dependence on energy is ill-advised from an economic point of view and dangerous from a geopolitical point of view.

“Italy will make all the decisions necessary to protect its security and the security of Europe.

“We upheld the sanctions that the EU has decided to impose on Russia, including sanctions on the energy sector.

“We will continue to do this with the same belief.” He said the war in Ukraine brought the EU “one of the most serious crises in history”, emphasizing that it was a “humanitarian, security, energy and economic crisis.”

“As the founding country of the European Union, Italy has a deep belief in peace and is ready to work on the front lines to achieve a diplomatic solution,” he said.

Draghi said he sees the approval of countries wishing to join the EU as “a part of its realization” rather than as a “threat to European projects.”

“Italy supports the immediate start of bond negotiations between Albania and North Macedonia … giving new impetus to negotiations between Serbia and Montenegro, maximizing the legitimate aspilatin of Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo. I would like to guarantee that you will pay attention.

“We are in favor of the entry of all these counties and want Ukraine in the EU.” (ANSA).

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