Italy’s Blue Flag Resort rises from 9 to 210-Lifestyle

(ANSA)-May 10 Rome-The number of Italian seaside and lakeside resorts awarded the prestigious Blue Flag designation for cleanliness and sustainability has increased from 9 to 210 this year, said International Environmental Education. The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) said on Tuesday.

The number of blue flag tourist ports has also increased by one to 82.

Liguria regained top spot at 32 resorts, with Campania, Tuscany and Puglia each second at 18 resorts.

Five resorts lost their flags, but there were 14 new entries-Alba Adriatica in Calabria, Alba Adriatica in Kauronia, Ispani in Campania, Riccione and San Mauro Pascoli in Emilia-Romagna, Porto Recanati in Marche, Piemonte’s Canobio, Castro, Puglia’s Riccione Garganico and Ugento, Sardinia’s Budni, Sicily’s Furci Siculo, and Tuscany’s Pietrasanta.

Launched in 1987, FEE’s Blue Flag Program monitors the sustainable development of beaches and marina around the world, using strict standards for water quality, environmental education and management, safety and service. (ANSA).

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