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Prime Minister Phillip Davis said yesterday whether Long Island MP Adrian Gibson would resign on suspicion of corruption, adding that it was a problem he couldn’t get into.

In response to the reporter’s question, Davis said, “I’m not going into it. It’s his personal choice and he decides whether to resign. Pay attention to this kind of problem. There are some conventions, and it is good for him to advise himself about those practices and follow them. “

The prime minister did not elaborate on that point.

Gibson and six others faced criminal accusations on Monday related to the awarding of contracts at the Water and Sewerage Corporation while he was chairman.

Prosecutors claim that Gibson has pocketed over $ 1.2 million in illegal payments and laundered the proceeds with others.

Parliamentarians returned to parliament on Wednesday, the day after they were released on bail. He spent the night in Foxhill’s prison after being charged.

He wasn’t at home yesterday because the budget discussion was over.

There is no constitutional provision requiring the resignation of a member of parliament charged with a crime.

Under Article 48 (1) (f) of the Constitution, if a member of parliament is convicted of a crime and sentenced to more than 12 months in prison, the seat will be vacant.

According to the rules of the House of Representatives, if a member of parliament is absent for 90 days without vacation, the seat will be vacant.

After it was revealed that police were investigating an issue with Gibson’s chairman, the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Davis also revealed that he was not involved in the issue.

Gibson, a lawyer who wrote the “Youth View” column in the Tribune, was first elected to Congress in May 2017 and defeated former opposition leader and former FNM deputy Loretta Butler Turner.

When he was elected at the age of 32, a few days after the election, Gibson expressed disappointment that then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minis did not elect him to the cabinet, and the people of Long Island also expressed their disappointment. He added that he was telling that. Disappointment.

Gibson said at the time, the election of young MPs like himself was the first move to ensure that the voice of young people was taken in, “at least in parliament.”

In Congress, his voice was booming.

In 2018, he told the House of Representatives that under the Progressive Liberal Party administration, the Water and Sewerage Corporation was “a case study of miserable stories, mismanagement, gross negligence, misconduct, corrupt or suspicious practices.”

When he contributed to the budget debate last week, he urged the government to continue the development of his members, which was initiated under the Minis administration.

The question of whether Gibson should give up his seat was raised in several quarters, even before his prosecution on Monday, as Gibson is currently focusing on his legal issues.

One of the former members of parliament, Nassau Guardian Without expecting attribution, Gibson’s resignation would have been appropriate only if he was a minister, he said yesterday.

“Traditionally that position minister must resign to free his colleagues from the embarrassment that may be involved in the process. We cannot devote ourselves to the Cabinet’s mission.”

“In the case of a member of parliament, if a member of parliament resigns and is acquitted, you will not be able to regain his seat, which will tempt the government to bring frivolous accusations to opposition members. It doesn’t make sense. The priority is the opposite. It’s irreparable. “

Gibson was one of only five FNM incumbents who won a seat in the 2021 general election.

As mentioned earlier, he was the only FNM to win a larger percentage of votes in 2021 compared to the 2017 election.

Former East Grand Bahama MP Peter Turn Quest was excluded from the nomination (later shown he did not want it) while the Free National Movement held seats in East Grand Bahama and St. Ann, and former St. Ann’s MP Brent.・ Symonette has retired.

FNM’s support in East Grand Bahamas and St. Anne’s has declined significantly compared to 2017, when the party under Minis won 35 of the 39 parliamentary seats.

If Gibson chooses to resign, and if there are no signs that he will resign, or if his seat is vacant, it will trigger a by-election in Long Island.

The Progressive Liberal Party won the North Long Island seat when the island was split into two components, but never won the existing South Long Island or the full Long Island component.

When the Free National Movement was elected in 1992, the north was already electrified, but South Long Island had no electricity. By that time, the island was already one seat.

This is the only Family Island seat that PLP has never acquired.

The PLP is already a majority in parliament and is clearly aware that Long Island voted against the party in all elections, but some PLP insiders say the party if there is a by-election. I believe it will work.

In 1997, after Sir Linden Pindling resigned from the South Andros seat after the general election, FNM won the September by-elections with the historic Ronald Bosfield.

The FNM won all seats on Family Island in the 1997 general election, with the exception of South Andros, so a by-election victory sealed the election sweep.

After Hubert Ingraham resigned from North Abaco’s seat after the 2012 general election, PLP won a seat in the October by-election with Leonard Curry as a candidate.

The ongoing questions about the Long Island legislative seat and Gibson’s fate are likely to form the basis of public discourse leading up to the parliamentary trial, but the date has not yet been set.

After the MP’s prosecution, FNM leader Michael Pintaldo said he was a member of a good relationship with the party and FNM would do what he could to ensure that he was treated fairly. rice field.

When asked yesterday how Gibson’s problems are affecting FNM and whether it would be in the party’s interest to resign, FNM Chairman Duane Sands said he had no comments. .. It’s up to Gibson to resign – Nassau Guardian

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