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Bahama’s willingness to do business and the tendency of government and financial services regulators to listen to companies that have decided to set up businesses and offices here continue to be the reason for the country’s success in the financial services industry. I am. , IX Capital Group Principal said Wednesday.

Robert Berkeley said there have been many positive changes in the financial services industry in the five years since the IX Capital Group came to the Bahamas.

Berkeley told reporters at the reception at the Balmoral Club, celebrating its fifth year in the Bahamas.He said he was financially confident given the country’s business environment

The service sector will continue to thrive.

“I work with many regulatory agencies around the world. For me, the Bahamas are the most acceptable entrepreneurial, the most helpful way to do business … and the most listened to,” Berkeley said. Says.

“Unless regulators and governments listen, we can’t grow our business, so for me that’s why the Bahamas has future opportunities.”

He added: “The real difference is that the Bahamas are compared to the Bahamas five years ago. When I first came five years ago, you really couldn’t open a bank account. To that change Motivation is the reason for the success of the Bahamas. “

Acting Prime Minister and Deputy Minister of Tourism, Investment and Aviation Chester Cooper spoke at the IX event, praising the country’s ability to pivot to improve the financial services sector.

“We have a great history and heritage in financial services, and there have been major changes in that area,” Cooper said.

“We have been attacked by many of the world’s largest powers and large organizations and are blaming us for everything, including harmful tax practices as small as we are.

“But the reality of that is that we had to pivot. We innovated rather than stand by and cry about these attacks. And in the spirit of our innovation As a result, we have created and passed legislation to facilitate the transition of the industry.

“Dare [Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges] The law is one such law. It is attracting the digital asset business to our country. It’s working very well. Our Prime Minister has paved the way for this innovation.

“We continue to listen to our clients and stakeholders and make sure we are creating a smooth environment. We expect this to continue.

On Wednesday, IX Capital Group donated $ 50,000 to the government to promote youth education in the financial services sector. IX Capital Group Principals Praise Financial Services Environment – ​​Nassau Guardian

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