Ixelles presents a distribution plan to reduce traffic around Place Flagey

The city of Ixelles has announced distribution plans for the area around Place Flagey and Ponds of Ixelles, Bruzz reports. There is more space for vulnerable road users and it is no longer possible to drive around Place Flagey by car. The city of Brussels still needs to give approval for the distribution plan.

The plan was revealed at a public meeting on Monday. In the scenario at the table, mobility Ixelles city councilman Yves Rouyet wants to improve traffic safety primarily around the pond and Place Flagey. “That’s our number one priority. Children must be able to ride their bikes safely here. That’s why we tackle the dangerous crossroads of the square.” For example. He points out the dangerous crossroads of Rue lesbroussart, Chaussée de Vleurgat and Chaussée d’Ixelles.

In addition, circulation plans need to reduce traffic and increase bus and tram circulation. “That means less noise and pollution and more public space. For example, I’m thinking of a pond jogger who is currently encountering a lot of cars on the route. That has to change. The neighborhood will be more comfortable. “

Specifically, the Chaussée d’Ixelles section between the Valera’s tram stop and the Rue de la Brasserie turns into a pedestrian zone. “It helps to restore the connection between the pond and Frazi Square.”

Other traffic filters that do not allow cars to enter will be installed along the second pond on Avenue du General Degor. A one-way street is set in the direction of Avenue de Eperon d’Or between Place de la Croix-Rouge and two ponds, just beyond Memorial Square. “This frees up space for organizing all kinds of social activities,” says Rouyet.

There is also a one-way street between Rulesbroussart and Rue Gachard towards Place Flagey, which deprives the square of traffic. The purpose is to ban stealth traffic around Frazzy Square and revive the square as a full-fledged pedestrian zone. Ixelles presents a distribution plan to reduce traffic around Place Flagey

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