Jakarta DPRD Finalizes Candidates for Acting Governor

The names we propose to the Minister of the Interior (Tito Karnavian) are Her Budi Hartono, Marla Matari and Bhatia.

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) has confirmed the names of three acting governors of Jakarta proposed to the central government.

“The names we propose to the Minister of Home Affairs (Tito Karnavian) are Hel Budi Hartono, Marla Matari and Bakhtial,” Jakarta DPRD Chairman Prasetio Edi Marsudi said on Tuesday here at the Jakarta DPRD building. announced while presiding over a joint session of parliament. .

At the Joint Conference, nine caucuses of the state legislature were asked to propose the names of the three people they believed would be best suited for the post of acting governor.

A total of four names emerged as a result of tallying the caucus proposals.

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They were the Presidential Secretary General Her Budi Hartono. Marla Matari, Provincial Secretary of Jakarta. Bahtiar Baharddin, Director General of Political and General Affairs Department, Ministry of Home Affairs. Deputy IV of the Presidential Staff (KSP), Juli Ardiantoro.

A tally revealed that Hartono and Matali received 9 votes (or whatever the caucus suggested the name), Bahtiar 6 and Ardiantoro 3.

Congress decided to adopt the top three names proposed.

“Tomorrow (September 14, 2022), we will notify the (proposed name) to the Home Minister,” Marsudi said.

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will have the final say on the appointment of Jakarta’s Acting Governor, along with Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria, who will succeed Annis Baswedan, whose term expires on October 16.

The Ministry of Home Affairs will also propose three names to the president. Widodo therefore elects the acting governor from a pool of six candidates proposed by the state legislature and the ministry.

Governors appointed by the president serve as proxies for more than two years until the 2024 local government chief elections (pilkada), which coincide with legislative and presidential elections.

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