Jake Paul’s mother says Amanda Serrano was “robbed” by Katie Taylor

Jake Paul’s mother reiterates her son’s sensational comment that Amanda Serrano was “robbed” by Katie Taylor.

Brae Bomber is a megafight, including two of the three judges who scored in favor of her with scores of 97-93 and 96-93 in the eyes of the majority of people in Madison Square Garden. Was the winner of.

Their score is Taylor The split decision won after another judge recorded a 96-94 match for Serrano.

Shortly after the battle, Youtuber turned to Serrano’s promoter, boxer Paul. His fighter claimed to have been “robbed”..

He told DAZN: We thought we had won, we thought Amanda had won.

“Amanda did well, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime fight. It was Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward. It was incredible, both women fought their hearts. This is It’s a historic moment.

“The crowd is booing, but tonight everyone is the winner here. I would be angry if they were. Katie Taylor, praise for what she did for women’s boxing.

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano

“To praise Amanda Serrano, If you need credit, you need to grant credit. And let’s do it in September and October. The second battle was even bigger. “

Pole Serrano later claimed to have landed more punches than Taylor during the battle, and as a result she said she should have won.

He tweeted. “Amanda Serrano landed Katie Taylor with a punch that landed on both her body and head. Men are lying. Women are lying. The numbers aren’t.”

His mother, Pamela Ann Stepnic, also claimed that Serrano was “deprived” of: The battle on April 30th.

She tweeted: “Most definitely robbed!”

Serrano was originally blessed with defeat, Said on the weekend She now believes she won the battle, Great for annoying Taylor fans.

Puerto Rico tweeted. “A week later … I had the opportunity to look back on the fight with Katie. It was very close, but I didn’t lose. I’m sure. I’ll definitely leave next time. I can’t wait!!

“I walked in the champion and got out of the champion.”

Meanwhile, Taylor reiterated her desire to confront Serrano at Croke Park later this year.

The undisputed undefeated lightweight champion who brought Saul Canelo Alvarez’s shocking defeat to Las Vegas’ Dmitry Bivol over the weekend told DAZN: I am challenging any challenge, I want to have the best fight there.

“I absolutely want to fight in Ireland. A big fight at Croke Park with 80,000 people. It’s probably the only thing that can surpass what happened last week.

“Imagine filling a very special 80,000 seats. I think it’s easy to sell.”

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