Jalisco Civil Protection Continues Earthquake Damage Assessment

After the earthquake that hit much of Jalisco at noon on Monday 19 September, officers from the Regional Commands of El Grullo, Guadalajara and Zapotlan El Grande immediately began a damage assessment and needs analysis. In the municipalities of Tolimán, Zapotitlan de Badiro, Cuautitlán de García Barrán, Toñilla, Zapotlan el Grande, Union de Tula and Gómez Farias, after the monitoring was carried out, these municipalities joined the Tellurian movement. was determined to be most affected by

So far, over 600 residential and commercial properties in 68 neighborhoods in the aforementioned municipalities have been evaluated by the staff of the Jalisco Civil Protection and Firefighters Authority (UEPCBJ). Their structure and habitable number.

Eight houses were destroyed in the city of Tolimán, and the parishes of Zapotitlan de Vadiro, Autorun de Navarro and Casimiro Castillo were closed. These parishes maintain close communication with the church to prevent damage to structures. To provide authorities with prompt resolution of damages.

Carlos Suarez Plascencia, head of scientific research at UEPCBJ, said the magnitude 5.4 earthquake recorded yesterday Tuesday was the strongest ever recorded, as it could have been felt in various locations in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Guaranteed to be one of the aftershocks. By Wednesday morning, he had recorded 960 aftershocks, all of which are so weak that they often go unnoticed by residents.

“Only two of these 960 were perceptible, many were felt only at the epicenter, and the rest were not perceived by the population.”

False messages have also been voiced through social networks that associate the earthquake with possible volcanic activity at Colima Volcano. Experts say this has nothing to do with it. Recent Earth movements do not imply volcanic risk.

“The Colima volcano has been completely calm since January 2017. No seismic activity, no type of volcanic activity.

The state government, through the State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters in Jalisco, is urging residents to stay informed through official channels and avoid spreading rumors. Also, remember to dial 911 for emergencies.

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