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Japan will resume tourism in June.Currently only package tours

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that from June 10th, he will be able to participate in the tour with a fixed schedule and guide.

Tourists who have been vaccinated three times from areas with low COVID-19 infections are exempt from post-immigration inspection and quarantine.

Japan is hosting a small experimental package tour this week from four countries: Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the United States.

The experiment, which involves only 50 people who received a special visa, not a tourist visa, is scheduled to end on May 31st.

Japan will gradually accept more tourists to the pre-pandemic arrival level while observing the infection situation.

Mr. Isosei Shimobaru, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, who is in charge of pandemic countermeasures, said that Japan will double the upper limit to 20,000 people a day from June 1st, including participants in the package tour.

He said the size and other details of the package tour will be finalized after authorities have evaluated the results of the current experimental tour.

According to Mr. Shimoaraso, it will take some time for foreign tourists to come to Japan for private sightseeing.

Japan has also eased requests to wear masks this week. Masks are required in public facilities such as public transport and hospitals, but you can remove them outdoors where no one else is or you are talking. Despite the mitigation, most Japanese so far have been seen sticking to wearing masks in public.

The Japanese tourism industry, which has been hit by border control, is anxious to resume foreign tourism. COVID-19 infection has slowed in Japan since the beginning of this year, and the government is gradually expanding its social and economic activities.

The number of foreign tourists in 2020 decreased by more than 90% from 31.9 million in the previous year, almost eliminating the pre-pandemic inbound tourism market of 4 trillion yen ($ 31 billion). -agency

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